Garden Journal #1: Harvesting Tomatoes, Cape Gooseberries, Medicinal Gardens.

Welcome to the weekly 'Hive Garden Journal'! This newsletter is run by @minismallholding and myself, who will alternate weeks, so expect to see it flip between our accounts. We'll be posting in the 'Hive Garden' community, although we'll be hunting far and wide for good #homesteading, #gardening, #sustainability, #permaculture and of course #gardenjournal posts!


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Don't miss @fermentedphil's post on cape gooseberries - it's super well presented with lovely photos. Really appreciated what he said about food as medicine - for many hive gardeners, that's exactly why we grow our own food.

It is often said that we are what we eat. I think this statement rings even more true in modern times. We are bombarded with "natural" food wrapped in plastic and marketed as good for us. But we have, in some sense, lost touch with reality and nature. For most people, healthy and natural products are simply a separate aisle in the shop. It is simple food that is "not mass-produced". And this is in some sense better than eating said mass-produced food. That is, if you have the option between a carrot and a pack of chips, the carrot will look like the better option. But in philosophy, we will call this a false dichotomy. I think that we have lost touch with nature because of this false dichotomy, we have lost the third option: food that is grown locally, in season, and "as nature" has intended it. And this process is, I think, natural medicine in and of itself. If you have the means, seeing something grow, being part of the process and seeing what nature does, cannot be sold in the form of a mass-produced pill, not packaged in plastic and sold to you as a healthy food option.


From Africa to the UAE, @kennyroy's working on his seasonal garden changeover. Eggplants and beans, squash and pumpkin! I never thought of the UAE as anything but a desert, so love to see how wrong I am!

In other parts of the world, people like @flemingfarm are busy canning tomatoes (check their post here) and well as harvesting squash here. Busy times for homesteaders at this time of the year!


@andrearojas55 wrote about their medicinal herb garden here. If it's herbs you are writing about, you might also like to add the tag #herbal or #herbalism and the The Herbal Hive will support you as well, or post in their community here.

The next Garden Journal challenge will start at the beginning of October. Whether you're planting, end of harvest, tidying up your garden or planning new garden projects, you're all welcome to join in to win HIVE. But keep using the #gardenjournal tag and connecting to others who are passionate about their gardens!

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