Hopeful On My Celery Seedlings

Before the rain hit hard, I managed to transfer these celery seedlings on their individual pots 2 or 3 days ago. It was not easy starting with an herb that once again I didn't know how to grow. I was thinking hit or miss when I bought a pack of celery seeds from Ace Hardware. The packet did not come with the information that I need.

After more than a week these showed up. They don't seem to have a chance of survival. I thought that they are weeds or random tomatoes until I noticed that jagged pair of leaves on top which gave me hope that these could be the celery seeds that sprouted. I just tossed them to the container with soil and had literally forgotten about them

Now that leaf on top looks like a celery to me. Gives me hope and I am holding my breath really just looking at it
Given that hope, I decided to plant the remaining seeds. Been waiting for 5 days already and look what the rain surprised me with...

The soil bed got soaked in rain water. I think this had been for 3 days now. It was raining non stop and I stayed indoors forgot about my second batch.

The rain had stopped finally but the sky is still looking gloomy. I found one celery seedling on a sandy soil that survived the rain. Maybe it dropped or got carried by the rain water. It is so delicate and thin but I will try my best to transfer it to a pot and hopefully see it grow bigger. That is it my fellow garden lovers. What about you what have you been growing in your garden and what are the issues you are facing? If you have some tips on growing celery let me know in the comments.

Until next time. Hive On

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