Outdoor Garden Update


One of the Crystal Candy's

Hello fellow Weed Nerds of the Hive Block Chain! Time for a small update on my little outdoor garden. Actually got a little going on, since I decided to do a light dep of two plants. One is my BMX, since I had no room in the tent, and the other is a bad ass pheno from the F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese. I had 3 phenos of this F1 cross, and all 3 where remarkable. But there was one that was very remarkable, then another that was even more remarkable. Well the one that I found to be the greatest pheno was reveged, and is now going to be back crossed with another back cross! Might have to call this one Motocross.

So the pollen is coming from a BX1 of Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F1 female x Mac and Cheese F2 male, and is hitting a F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese. The BMX females that @Cannabisius, and I have going are proven to be some fine specimens. The seed stock coming from this project will be something to behold. Since it will be a limited edition, I will probably just send seed to Cannabisius, so him and I can work on, and have some fun with them. Also will give all those who tried their hat with The Big Mack, and especially to those who have them going now. Just as a way to say thank you.

Here is my BMX female that I have doing a light dep on. Nothing really standing out to me yet, except I do love the tightness of the bud sites. Cannabisius is really loving the terp profile on the one he has. If it is anything like it's mom, it is going to be a delight.

The outdoor plants have gotten a top dressing of compost. They seem to really like it. Then along with that I also give them Mammoth P. I am not sure on how much direct sun these get a day, but it is defiantly not 12 hours. If it is more then that, then they are just getting partial sun. Whatever they are getting, it is enough to keep in them in VEG, since I had another Photo not flowering.

My 2 Crystal Candy Auto Flowers, from the seeds @loonatic gifted me are just doing it. Nothing crazy here. Im sure I stunted them when I applied the IPM treatment causing the sun to fry the leaves. I do have to say, they rebounded a whole let better then I thought. I mean there almost decent to look at.

So far they're smelling sweet. Cant really say how pungent they are, since I am around them everyday. For some seed I cracked, and threw outside, I can not say I will be disappointed at all. Sure maybe Ill be lucky to get a half oz from both of them, but to have some bud that loonatic wanted me to try, I would say mission accomplished. :) Thanks again buddy, hopefully in a couple months I will be doing a smoke report.

Until then I will just chill out in my backyard, and eat Elote's to kill the time:)




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