The Effect of Hot Weather for Vegetable Hydroponics in The Garden. Hydroponic Journal #3

Hello everyone and community
How are you all? I hope we are all always healthy and happy. Many ways of people to healthy and happy, like planting a vegetable with a hydroponic system in the garden of our house, besides it was fun we also benefit financially if you can manage the vegetables to harvest later.

I want to continue my stories in the last week (may, within 9 days ago), about the development of some of the vegetables I planted. Fyi, some of these days, the weather in my city is very hot even up to 37 C, the hot weather is because it is the dry season and the movement of the monsoons dry from Australia and so eliminate the moisture in the air and make the evaporation of water on the surface so quickly expanding.

Samhong King (27 Day Afters Planting)



The development of this vegetable goes well. I observed Samhong King has resistance to hot weather, better than some of the other vegetables. The consumption of water in the plant is very high because of the hot weather, but we do not need to add liquid fertilizer. Because the rest of the water in the growing media still contains nutrients fertilizers, we just need to add water and dissolve it. I think next week Samhong King of this we were able to harvest.


This is a photo of Samhong King in the last week. I'm still using 1000 ppm, the same as last week.

Pakchoy or Bokchoi (19 Days Afer Planting)


For vegetables, some problems are affected due to extreme weather and high temperatures.


Very hot weather makes water in the growing medium so it evaporates, and the concentration of the fertilizer solution so high. Hydroponic growing Media made with water coupled with a liquid fertilizer, with the concentration in ppm is specified, for example for pakchoi range 1000-1400 ppm. But, because the weather is hot, the water evaporates but the mineral fertilizers still live in the media and make the concentration in ppm so high, like in this picture be 1800 ppm. To reduce the concentration of the solution we simply add water, so the concentration back to normal.

As an effect of the hot weather, some vegetables change color from green to yellow. This is one of the signs of the concentration of ppm is very high. We'll see how the development of this vegetable is next week, is change the color of some parts still occur or the problem is already finished.


This is a photo of pakcoy in the last week.

Mustard Bitter (19 days after planting)


This is one of the favorite vegetables of the people of Indonesia. It was bitter, but when eaten together with rice can stimulate the appetite, the way of processing is also easy. I plant these vegetables, for personal needs only. Development is also still nice, no pests atapupun constraints, because these vegetables also include the vegetables that strong against extreme weather.


This is a photo of mustard bitter in the last week.

I also have installation hydroponic using pvc pipe, which is laid in the walls. I planted mint leaves in there, and the result is quite good. I want to make mint leaves tea because it's good for health.

Okay, this is the development of the vegetables that I planted. Next week we'll see how it goes.

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