Harvest and Replanting Vegetables in My Hydroponic Garden – Hydroponic Jurnal #3

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How are you today? I hope we will always be healthy and happy every day. This time, I want to share a story about My Hidroponic Journal. Every week, I usually will write about how the condition of the vegetables that I planted, and this time I'd like to talk about the proposed me as a hydroponic consultants to make the installation of hydroponics in my costumer garden. Lets check.

The development of Vegetables in My Hydroponic Garden


Most of pakchoy I grow in this period grew lush and have started I harvest some. The results of the harvest period for planting this time, some I sell with the price of Rp. 9000,- (0.7 USD) per 250gms in the marketplace and some I share with business associates and some of pakchoy for my own consumption.


In hydroponic journal #3, I wrote about my fears about the part bokchoi that change color to yellow color, and the thing I was afraid of happened. Some pakchoy damaged and color change in the last week finally grows large but unfortunately could not be sold because of its ugly. Finally, pakchoy that failed was taken by my neighbor to be chicken feed. Thankfully, this vegetable does not become the garbage and can still be used.



What is the condition of mustard bitter that I was growing ? the growth of this vegetable looks very good and green, happy to see this vegetable thrives and can be harvested. Special for mustard bitter, this vegetable is harvested for consumption of my family. These vegetables have a bitter taste, but is very delicious if served with hot rice and the indonesian chilli paste.


Water consumption for the age of the vegetables that it's time to harvest is very high, we need to regularly check what is the condition of water every day, especially if the weather is very hot. The water in the media park will expand and if it's too late to add to the water, the greens can wilt or die.



For mustard samhong, mostly I harvest this week. This vegetable is many devotees, I heard of this vegetable is delicious when pan-fried with chinesee food style cooking. Because, all samhong I've been planting have been exhausted to be harvested. This week, I also do planting reset back to keep the production cycle of the vegetable.
Foto samhong yang masih kecil banget.

Installation Hydroponics

This week, I completed orders to make the installation of hydroponics with 32 holes plant. The customer I want to make the installation of hydroponics this as decoration for the garden of his house. I also give him a little guidance how to take care of the plants and do the seeding the seeds vegetable for the installation of hydroponics.


This week, I also went to the house of one of the customer I to check the condition of the vegetables and installation hydroponics at home. The development of the vegetables is very good and no problems just a few pieces of leaves damaged by insects.


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I have expertise dispensing coffee with a variety of techniques and tools brewing, because I have the desire to make a coffee shop with hydroponics as centerpieces. Help me realize that dream.

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