Hive Garden Community Week In Highlights - #1

What is going on everyone? Can you believe it has now been 9 days since we started this journey of treating a #hivegarden community?

It is really great to see we have so many posts already with more and more people joining daily along with more and more posts.

I have decided for a while now I would be making a weekly newsletter for the community, I actually hope to make a few different ones over time that focus on fruits, veggies, mushrooms, cannabis. As we grow this should be doable but for now, let us just do an all-in-one.




Update number 25, I love doing the show so far. DO you enjoy watching it? Well, the 1 of you that does on 3speak but hey it's all about us slowly building the cannabis community.


Trimming is one thing that so many people hate. It takes so long, but it isn't too bad when you got some good tunes or a podcast to listen to. I just finished giving this northern lights the final trim before I let it finish drying.


I hope you are healthy. I personally as a plant lover welcome and feel very happy with the existence of the hive garden community. I think this is good. I am ready to contribute here.



What's up Weed Nerds! So things are starting to come together in my 4x4 tent setup. I could not be any happier at this stage. Especially considering last round my plants where dying from the low humidity at this stage. Growing cannabis has a huge learning curve, and you will get curve balls thrown at you. So that means you will strike out, but with practice, and determination you will get hits, which can lead to RBI's. Maybe even get a few home runs, but just as baseball has 9 innings, growing indoor cannabis has a few months to get that win. This round of growing Im aiming for the fences!



My mother was growing crops in her small garden about two years ago, she had quite a few plants growing such as tomatoes, habanero peppers, green onions, beans, and also cilantro. As time went on, my mother was getting tired from working her day job and ultimately didn't have enough energy to continue maintaining the garden so she just left it alone to mother nature. Needless to say, mother nature wasn't too kind with how my mother set up the garden.



This is my first post in this community, but not my last. I love to plant my own vegetables. The latest has been to try potatoes. I'll let you know. So far they are doing very well. Well, anyway, today I have been collecting winter lettuce seeds.



Just got done giving the blueberry it’s final trim before I start the curing process. These buds have been drying for about 4 days now and they are pretty crispy. I think the next harvest is going to be dried in my grow room where it is 50% humidity cause these buds dried out pretty fast. Hopefully being in the curing jars will help them get some of their moisture back. I don’t want to put in the humidity packers just yet but I will in a couple days.



Whats happening folks, what a great time to be alive. If you follow me on @weedcash...wat up...
I have been blogging about my personal experiences growing cannabis on @weedcash and the Hive blockchain for about 8 months now.

As you can see we got some really great gardening post this week, You can be sure to check out some of the new ones on the HiveGarden community page.

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