If it doesn't make you happy - change it!

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Yesterday I got rid of the very last Streptocarpus I had.

I have been growing few of them for about 5 years or so. I started with two different colours. Both were gifted to me either as a young plant or a leaf cutting.

Later, when they both bloomed I managed to crosspollinate them and got a bunch of tiny little dust-like seeds. I sowed some of them and a new generation of plants started. It was like a mass production! I had so many little plants I could never fit them in my place.

Streptocarpus blue flower 1.jpg

As they grew I picked the biggest and strongest ones and decided to keep only those. It was about 20 plants. When they were big enough I gave away some of them - 20 was still too many.

Streptocarpus blue flowers .jpg

And then they started to bloom!
And even single one of them was different. It was quite amazing to see the colours and different shapes of petals. Some of them were completely different than the two parents. I knew they wont be the same - it is a normal thing when you cross some plants. I just didn't know what to expect.

During all that time I was struggling to keep them healthy. They were looking better during the winter time, but in summer the leaves were getting weird spots, didn't want to bloom and they were looking just miserable.
On top of that it was a constant battle with mealybugs and nothing seemed to be working for a longer time.

On the photo below and the first one is one of the parent plants.

Streptocarpus harlequin 2.jpg

So it was a time to make a decision to simply get rid of them. Growing plants should be a pleasure and it should be a joy taking care of them.
They weren't giving me any of that (except the occasional few flowers that I did like).
I still felt a bit bad just throwing them away to the bin. I got rind of the worst looking ones first. The ones that were almost dead anyway.
Few days later the rest followed. There was just no point keeping any.
The last one, that I somehow skipped before went to the garbage yesterday.

Sure, the flowers were lovely! I went to look for some photos I still have from the time they did bloom.

Streptocarpus cherry flower 1.jpg

Streptocarpus cherry flower 2.jpg

Streptocarpus yellow flower.jpg

Now that I look at the empty space after the plants I feel relieved. And I have space for something that will give me joy :)

Streptocarpus purple bud.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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