End of July Garden Update


Here we are almost at the end of July and by some miracle my garden is still plugging right along. It still isn't producing anything yet, but nothing has really died, so that is a win in my book!

As you can see here there are finally a few tomatoes coming in on my Campari planet. There is also handful of other blooms, so I have a bit of faith that I will be enjoying some fresh tomatoes at some point in the near future.

The dahlias are also doing pretty well. I might have underestimated those flowers at first. It seems they are going to be flowering all summer. Hopefully they draw in the bees like I hoped they would.


I've gotta be the only guy in the world who hasn't pulled a single zucchini from his plant more than halfway through the summer. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. As you can see though I do have some flowers deep down there. I have my fingers crossed that I will eventually be able to pull some out of the garden.

I don't know if you can see it from the picture, but my flowers seem to be closed. It makes me wonder how a bee would get in there to pollinate. Is it possible that my plants simply don't want to produce fruit? This is the same issue I had last year and I had to go around and pollinate the flowers myself.

Please let me know if this is normal and I am just worrying too much...


Sadly, it only gets worse from there. You can see a bit of my purple flowers at the top that are still doing well, but this zucchini plant is barely hanging on for dear life. I still feel like maybe I should just pull it and put it out of its misery.


Here is my other tomato plant with more of the purple flowers showing through the leaves. There are no buds or blooms on this one yet, so I am a bit skeptical that I will be able to pull any fruit from it this summer. Perhaps it is just a late bloomer and I will find myself pulling tomatoes out well into October!


This zucchini plant is fairing a bit better than the second one I showed. It still isn't quite as bit as the first one though. I have a good feeling about this one. I think that pretty soon some flowers will start popping out and eventually I will be pulling zucchini from this plant as well.


Finally, there is my second dahlia, my jalapeno peppers and a bunch of weeds. It looks like I need to get in there and cut off some of the old dahlia blooms that are dead and just wasting precious resources that could go to the healthy ones. I also need to do a better job of weeding the beds. Next year I plan on putting landscape fabric down and hopefully that will help keep things cleaner.

The pepper plants are a lost cause at this point and I will likely pull them out when the temperatures get a little cooler. Right now it is just too hot to be doing too much work outside. I think we have a cold snap coming in the next day or two, so I might be able to get out and clean things up.

I know my garden is horribly pathetic and I apologize for that. Next year I will do better, I promise (I feel like I say that every year though).

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All pictures taken by myself or @mrsbozz

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