Dehydrating Pears

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i've been gathering pears for about 3 months now from beneath a big old pear tree in my garden.


i made one batch of pear cider (but left some in the barrel to turn to vinegar). i posted about it here:

Last year a couple of volunteers did all the work with the pears, but i didn't have any volunteers in these times this year. Both of them however sliced their fingers somewhat on the mandolin (a kitchen tool for slicing).

@lio.ness didn't cut her finger too badly though and didn't even tell me about it until i noticed a plaster on her finger. Luna though cut her finger quite badly and i took her to the hospital for stitches.

So, today i finally got off my backside to slice and dehydrate some pears to make pear crisps. i am being extra careful with the mandolin.

i decided to use the serrated blade this year for extra crunchiness.


Dehydrator full (with 5 sliced pears) and running.


These pear crisps (or pear chips) are quite delicious and keep well for many months. i always save empty paper and plastic bags throughout the year which i use to store them in. i prefer to use paper bags from flour or oats, but the plasticy-foil bags from rice crackers work well too.


Do you make pear or apple or any other type of raw chips? Let me know in the comments below please.

Sat Nam

Ps. Have you read my 3 weirdest things you can find in my kitchen cabinet post?

All photos taken by me with Redmi Note 9 Pro (unless noted otherwise)

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