Garden Pictures, Picking Beans

Hello, hivers and garden lovers!

Over the past week or so, the green bean plants in the container garden have started producing beans that are big enough to pick. The bean plants in the raised bed are about a week behind the plants in the container garden, so I've only gotten 1 picking from them so far. I've picked beans from the container garden plants 4 times now, although the first picking was just 10-15 beans.

These are the container garden plants.


This was the second picking of the beans from the container garden. I don't have a picture of the first picking.


This was the third picking. I got a few more than from the second picking.


I got quit a few beans from the fourth picking.


Picking all these beans prompted me to clean up my canning area in the greenhouse. I'll be canning beans soon, so I had to clean up the mess to get ready for that. I tend to just put stuff wherever it's convenient at the moment, so the table had accumulated a fair amount of stuff that needed to be moved.


After cleaning up the space. Now I can get to the canner and I have a place to work.


One more picture for you, I picked the first yellow squash from my garden yesterday to use in my crockpot stew. It was quite tasty!
It's the big one on the left side. There's lots of little ones in there also.

That's all I have for this post, thanks for checking it out!

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