SKYBLIVION - oblivion's story and Skyrim's graphics

If you liked Oblivion and Skyrim you WILL love that for sure.

When I was young I played Oblivions for probably hundreds of hours. At this age it was the best RPG I played. I loved to make the storyline in many ways, to discover new quests and I know that I did not finish half of them. And I never had the DLCs so we can add all their quests to my to do list.

I know that I am not the only one who spent so much time on this game because Bethesda did a real amazing job with The elder Scrolls. So when they announced the 6th opus Skyrim, my big brother and I turned crazy. And this game made my spend so many days alone in my room without sleeping.



654 hours on steam but I have so much more. I cracked it several times before buying it, I also played it at least two hundreds hours on my brother's steam account, and I finished the main quest at least two or three times on PlayStation 3 ( I'm juste realizing that I spend half my life with this game because I'm 21 and the game is 10 years old 😱 )

You probably know what is the strength of these games. The mods, barely anything you want to add to these games can be found in a mod. From new weapons to naked characters without forgetting new NPCs from anime.


If you are like me and these two games are deep in your heart but today, when you try to play to Oblivion you cry blood tears because it is ugly as f**k then there is a good news and a bad news.

The team The Elder Scrolls Renewal is working on Skyblivion. In the case you didn't pay enough attention Skyblivion is a mix between SKYrim and oBLIVION.

"The development of SKYBLIVION officially started in 2012, when our lead developer Zilav created what we now call version 0.1. This was a great tech demo but nothing more, the world was very buggy and was missing a lot of content."

Since their begining they have done A LOT of work. If you remember how Oblivion looked like, go to their gallery and you will see an huge enhancement.




While you can see some relooking for those, I want to show you what they did when they juste remake an old creature with some modern 3D design with the Xivilai :



I let you guess which one is the old one.
This project aim to be a mid of Skyrim. A mod which will need you to have both GOTY edition of Oblivion and Skyrim special edition.
They often need some volunteers to help them, sometimes as beta testers, sometimes to make the voice of a character. They also always need people to help them for the development.


But here is the bad news, they are working on this since 2012 and it is not online yet. The release date is not known by the team,m and there is several reasons. The term is volunteer too so they are not on this at full time. They don't have enough money to spend more time on it. They did not post any update since January 15th this year.

So we can't expect it to be released until at least late 2020 or later. Maybe TES VI will be out before ? 🤔

I hope some of you will follow the project and will not be too disappointed when they will announce their release date and when we will continue to wait.
Some other posts in the same style will come for other similar projects. Please note that I am not involved in that at all, I just want to share because I think this is an awesome project and I will support them until the end ( and I want it to be as soon as possible )

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