[Let's Play] Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars { Ep. 2 }

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Yo! I finished the demo version of this game! Even tho I don't like card games I really enjoyed this one. The music is at highest level, storytelling is so good and the game have a big world. I fought my way to find the Elixir that allowed me to help Fisherman, because I helped him he traveled my party on the boat to different place, we found the cave and we fought a lot of monsters, at the end we found the treasure that Queen Nilla was looking for, we gave the treasure to her but something scary happened. A Dragon Appeared! What will happen next? I'm so curious, but I don't want to spend my money on this game cause I'm poor and I'm don't like card games that much to pay for them. Anyway, if u guys like card games u will enjoy it, if not then u might just play demo and decide for yourself. This game is really cool tho, If I can find it for free some day then I will play it, but for now stay tuned for more different games!

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