Star Atlas or Psyber X - Which Will Be The "Biggest Blockchain Game Yet In The Industry"

Hype vs History

Posers like to pretend. They show off other content creators Unity assets on their Portfolio page which tends to lead clients to believe it's their work, then posers delete them when called out, much like plagiarizers here on Hive.

Making lofty promises with a 1 year business history in the gaming industry and nothing that I can find from their past indicating they can accomplish the goal they've set of creating "the biggest blockchain game yet in the industry" or "the next level of blockchain gaming" from their apartment, does not exactly instill confidence in me as in investor.

Star Atlas is legit, the team is legit with decades of experience on AAA games that are considered some of the best of it's day and today. The games assets are created in Unreal Engine 5 in house by professionals with tons of experience and it's well on it's way to being "the biggest blockchain game yet in the industry".


Do a simple comparison of what others claim is "the biggest blockchain game yet in the industry" to Star Atlas and place your bets accordingly. I know what my bet is on and it sure isn't with a company that shows off other peoples work as their own on their portfolio page and one who can't handle some criticism and questions on their "AMA Open Book" post without making hollow (inaccurate) legal threats while flagging the questioner who's trying to do some due diligence on their project.

Expectations vs Reality

Could Star Atlas be another Star Citizen? Sure! Is that a bad thing? It depends on who you ask. Some are OK with it as long as it releases and meets it's stated goals. Others complain about the length of development time. Star Atlas will not be complete until around 2025 (hopefully), but you will be able to use your assets to play and earn in early 2022 and everything they've done so far indicates they should be able to accomplish their stated goals.

On the other hand, the Psyber X team, from what I've seen, hasn't shown anything outside of a few minutes of trailer footage created in Unity and from what I can tell it's using other peoples cheap assets from the Unity store. I've asked to be proven wrong, but that hasn't happened.

Royal Reptile Studios own Portfolio page contains other peoples/companies content and I'm hard pressed to locate anything that looks original that they've created to date.

These are the only 2 games I can locate that RRS has "created" and they are no different from any simple mobile games you can buy the source code for under $500 on any white label shop online. People do it all the time, including myself learning how to setup a Google developer account a year or so ago. You simply change the logo, change the name and a few variables and you can get past the duplicate content check.

If you change enough of the graphics and vary the gameplay, you can even fool some of the people who've played the same game under a different name. Is this what RRS is doing? I have no idea, simply because I don't feel like dedicating any more time than I have already uncovering what I have to date. It's simply not worth the effort at this point because it already seems painfully obvious to me personally what is going on here. Maybe I'm wrong. 🤷‍♂

During my research, I've found nothing to indicate that it's not what they're doing and nothing to indicate they can create "the biggest blockchain game yet in the industry" or anything near that. This doesn't mean they can't do it, it just means I see no indication myself that they can do it and I won't be backing their project for that reason.

Why Hide?

Perhaps there is something they're not showing, but why not show it? Why not show something original, some original assets or original animations at the least? Even the screenshot they show with Unity open is simply loaded up with VineBranch's SciFi Town 2070 Unity asset that costs $25.

I would venture to say not a single change had been made since the loaded asset is showing it's default name assigned by the actual creator and it's just a screenshot of what you see immediately after you load up the asset in Unity. This leads me (and the actual content creator themselves) to believe it could have been done to manipulate clients to believe it's RRS's custom work.

If I spent more time researching this, which does not appear to be worth the time, I'd bet I can locate just about every asset used in this Psyber X trailer on the Unity asset store and it would not surprise me in the least if "the game", that may or may not be released down the road, turned out to be purchased source code of a complete game you can buy from any white label gaming shop online from $500 to a few thousand dollars. That's just my guess going off what I've seen.

Why do I have that opinion?

Because everything I can find on RRS indicates they are a complete n00b when it comes to creating apps and games and their portfolio page is/was littered with other peoples/companies assets that many others have purchased for their indie games. Not to mention how the owner Jusin acted when confronted about this, and the fact that he deleted these images off the company portfolio page after I called him out.

Plagiarism & Hive

Justin, the apparent owner of RRS, stated (just as I had predicted) these assets were what his clients asked for in their games because they could only afford the cheap Unity assets. Which is completely understandable.

However, I can't find an actual game created by RRS with these assets shown anywhere on their Portfolio page or elsewhere. I can see plenty of other content creators assets pictures (the ones he didn't remove after I pointed them out) on their portfolio page, which comes across as a bit deceiving to myself and the actual content creators.

Can you imagine someone here on Hive making a post that contained nothing but other peoples content and how they would be received when caught? There's a word for that and there are bots that can detect it.

But in this case, it takes a human to detect it and I did and I called out the bullshit and it upset RRS to the point they threatened me repeatedly with legal terms (although incorrectly) and flagged my comments pointing out the deceptive practice on their Portfolio page.

This is similar to what happens on Hive when a plagiarizer is caught in the act. They make excuses, they make threats and then ... they usually vanish after their account is flagged into oblivion.

I've performed my due diligence on RRS and I wasn't pleased with what I found and neither were the content creators who's work was pasted on RRS's portfolio page. Please do your own due diligence before you invest any money into this project. Don't just take my word for it.

But feel free to take the word of one of the content creators that wasn't happy to see his work plastered on RRS's Portfolio page which could lead people to believe it was RRS's work. The image was removed shortly after I posted the below screenshot on one of Justin's post. However, several other images of other peoples work remain on their portfolio page.


Good luck out there!

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