Hive.Pizza 7 Days to Die Server Gameplay Part 2

Today we jump into Part 2 of our Hive.Pizza 7 Days Server debut! We've recently spun up a new 7 Days to Die server for the HIVE and PIZZA community and we're doing a small mini series to help folks understand and get acquainted with the game. Now personally, I'm getting my butt handed to me but I tend to play a bit more on the wreckless side. As you saw in Part 1, the Zombies tend to favor me as I feed them often. You'll quickly find in Part 2 that progress has been stifled by my continued awful gamer presence lol. Let's check it out!

Game Info:

Settings: Vanilla
Server Name: Hive.Pizza | Legends Network

If you have any questions or need admin assistance, you can reach us in our Discord here.


Music is compliments of @stickupboys

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