[Straw Plays] Wolfenstein: The New Order - Part 7

Wolfenstein  The New Order Screenshot 2021.07.20 -

After taking down the bridge last time with that weird weapon we found in that underwater armory or whatever the hell that place was, we are still trying to get that nazi researcher to steal his identity. It took quite some time to get there since the bridge was full of soldiers who don't die after just a few headshots. In the end I managed to finally get there and get teh things we needed. Now Ready to go to the moon finally. Pretty cool honestly going there and the whole base is dope as hell. It's full of space nazis and the weapons are different too. We got a laser sniper gun now and everything is going pretty smoothily . We are gonna continue on the moon base now until we get the decryption codes for that nuclear weapon on the submarine. Should be fun. See you next time!

I hope you like the video and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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