Sorare a Blockchain game



Greetings community, if you have read my previous publications you will know that I have gone out in search of a third source of income and this is presented as a solid candidate, we are talking about sorare fantasy football, this is a blockchain game that uses NFT technology. this is the web


Fantasy soccer are games where you are a manager of a team in this case in sorare the teams are 5 players, a goalkeeper, an attacker, a defender, a midfielder and an extra of your choice, already in the past and played this type of game and I must say that I have had a lot of fun because I am a fan of the beautiful game.


Sorare has taken it to another level, obtaining player and team licenses and has a very interesting card system where there are unique cards, one per player and they are worth thousands of dollars since only one per season comes out, there are super rare cards of which 10 are issued and 100 rare cards are issued, so a single one is issued, a lot of super Rare and one lot of rare per player and they are auctioned by the page, then a card in the market between players can reach exorbitant figures .


I had never heard of this game but a YouTube that I like put it in its top as the number 1 blockchain game to make money, personally I am going to try it and I am going to invest $ 100 to try my luck, something that I liked is that there are many leagues to play and only cash is given to the first 3 places then 4 and 5 are given cards and if you achieve a score higher than 205 points they give you 20 dollars in ETH, so I think it is feasible to invest and at some point recover the investment.


When you register they give you white cards that last for 8 weeks you can use them alone or you can use them with other cards that you buy, if just for registering they give you letters, imagine the number of people who open accounts, so I see very difficult get points with the free cards, that's why I'm going to invest a little of your time for at least these next 2 weeks will be research. Something important to keep in mind is that the performance of the player's card is based on the performance of the player in real life, the last 5 games are taken into account.

Thank you for reading