Exploding Kobolds | Orcs Must Die 3 - Episode 5 [Pusen Plays]

Two new levels, hundreds of new orcs to kill. The kobolds with the exploding backpacks gives us a hard time in the first one. If you're not paying attention these little assholes are sure to blast up your barricades, if you're using them. I've started using them more and more as they're great for controlling the direction and path of the orcs so that you can create choke points to kill them in. Like then arrow hallway in the first level.

We utilize the barricades in the second level as well but luckily the exploding kobolds are easier to keep track of in this one so that they're not much of a trouble. I get to use my favorite throwing traps again as well. Quite brutal to be launching those orcs down into a meat grinder but that's just how it be sometimes.

Enjoy the episode!

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