Poor Doggo | A Plague Tale: Innocence - Episode 1 [Pusen Plays]

After DOOMs big brain ending it's time to get going with a new series. It's time for A Plague Tale: Innocence! I've had my eyes on this for a while and I've even had it in my library for a while due to picking it up on the Epic Games store for free a while back.

This first episode starts us off slow. We play as Amicia, a French noble kid. We take a stroll in the woods while enjoying the scenery. This game makes a point of showing off its visuals from the get go. It's not all flowers and sunshine though as disaster suddenly strikes. There's something out in them woods and I'm sure what we got to see here is foreshadowing things that will happen later in the game.

Back at the family's estate we walk around for a bit listening to the people talk. The conversations aren't all that interesting really but it helps build the world for sure. It's not hard to notice that this is a really rich family either. There seems to be some kind of family secret though with out younger brother pretty much being hidden away in the attic and it seems like we've barely met him at all.

Doesn't take long for another disaster to strike either. The estate is suddenly attacked and ransacked by some soldiers and they seem to be searching for the kid. Time to escape!

This episode did a nice job of setting up the story for the episodes to come. I'm excited to see what this game has in story for us!

Thanks for watching!

All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.

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