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Bought a bundle, am not interested in some of the games, so I'm giving them away!

How's that for a short recap?


Okay, so I bought the Bandai Namco bundle, mainly for Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria. It being a bundle and all, there's games left in there that I will never play. Seeing as the gaming community has been very nice to me and my gaming posts, I figured I'd give back by giving away some of these games!

Today's game to give away is:

Tekken 7 - link to Steam page

Now ofcourse, I'm looking for people who are actually interested in playing this game and won't just let it collect dust in their Steam library. So I'll give this game away to the person with a good argument (not necessarily the first comment), someone I think will have fun with the game. Who I pick is completely up to me (ofcourse) and I won't argue about my choices.

If you're not going to play this game, please don't join, but give others a chance.

If you would like to win this game, please comment below and tell me why you are interested in it. If you win, you'll need to add me as a friend to Steam to obtain the key, so if you're not okay with doing that, don't join this giveaway :-)

Good luck! And if you're so inclined, I wouldn't mind a post share to reach as many gamers as we can!

P.S.: I will pick a winner once this post is atleast 24 hours old and update this post to share the winner.

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