Sports Gazette: New management and name for local football club

Dear reader, this intrepid reporter brings you the latest news about the upheaval pertaining to our beloved club. I won't mention the old name, it still hurts. Anyway, you can see the new name from afar when you drive by the stadium and the training facilities...

Monster Inc logo.jpg

So far we got no hint on the origins of said name - perhaps no one dared to ask? All we know is that both players and other employees of the club are remarkably tight-lipped. So you could say I was on the warpath to bring you the truth about the team's new management.

I arrived well in time for my appointment - you never know what you might hear on the way to an office, especially if you happen to lose your way... but I don't want to stray off course (pardon the pun). But I had no opportunity to pick up some interesting tidbits - when I arrived at the car park, someone was already waiting for me and accompanied me to the board office. There I was admitted at once and was welcomed by the new manager. He didn't introduce himself, even after we settled down in the part of his office that offered an overview of the training grounds. Some files and documents were on the coffee table - seems that he likes to keep an eye on his investment.

Down on the green, players were dribbling and shooting and running to and fro, making the impression of a busy anthill. I asked after the new team name and braced myself for a rebuff - but this corporate bigwig started to laugh.

"The name? That's easy! I drive a hard bargain. I put a lot of money in to this club and I want to see results. The trainers know they better push the players or else... And the players know that failure is not an option. They call me a monster - well, now they are all monsters, all players of Monsters, Inc.!"

He then talked about numbers and names and stats for quite some time and afterwards handed me a glossy brochure about the bright future of the club. I won't repeat everything - you can see it on your own on the club's homepage. But let me introduce some of the new players.

Most interesting perhaps is Tim Keller, the German defender. He's only 17 but seemingly a great team player, his passes are said to go directly to his teammates' feet. Another new player is the Chinese attacker Chen Jiang, he was praised for his dribbling and his speed. And some might have heard of 18year old Sebastian Neumann - the goalie is known for his wide shots leading to fast attacks.

Let's hope the next games go well for our beloved home team - who knows what might happen otherwise...

My plan is to post more about Rabona but not dry statistics. I decided to channel Harry Potter's Rita Skeeter (without changing into a bug) - so stay tuned to learn more about my team and its manager. Is he a monster? Why does he keep such a close eye on the players? Where did he come from? This and much more might be answered soon :)

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