Sports Gazette: Great Start into the Season - Top of the League right from the Beginning

Dear readers, I probably don't have to tell you - the good news is all over town! Our beloved local football team had a great start, probably due to the guidance of the new management.

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Three wins, one right after the other, made people party in the streets - who would have imagined that only some weeks ago! Even the one draw in the fourth game couldn't dampen the joy about our local team's athletic success. People are looking forward to the next games with confidence.

But... well... this intrepid reporter told you about the manager (for further details see my last article There are rumours, scattered and hushed, about strange happenings. People saw lights on the training grounds late in the night and weird sounds were heard coming from there. Allegedly a night watchman vanished - enquiries with the team's front office were in vain. Did he really give notice because he wanted to look after an elderly aunt abroad? Dear reader, you can set your mind at rest, I won't budge until I can tell you more!

My plan is to post regularly about Rabona but not dry statistics. I decided to channel Harry Potter's Rita Skeeter (without changing into a bug) - so stay tuned to learn more about my team and its manager.

Table after six gamesTop Scorers

Regional fans: 11,044 / National fans: 1,143 / International fans: 639 / Total fans: 12,826

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