⏫ Splinterlands Clears 1 MILLION Blockchain Transactions Per DAY! ⏫ SPS Airdrop Starts on Tuesday! ⏫

So, #Splintershards, or SPS, are the governance tokens for #Splinterlands, the soon to be the first $100 billion blockchain game.

Now, SPS launches tomorrow, and the year-long airdrop starts Tuesday.

Here's all the info on the #SPS #airdrop: https://sps.splinterlands.com/airdrop

Here's the SPS Airdrop Calculator on splintercards.com

If you want to start playing, you can sign up for free with my referral link Every player gets a link, and you earn 5% of the fiat->crypto purchases of anyone who signs up under you.

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That's right folks, just after I recorded this short video of how amazing a time it is to invest in Splinterlands - I hopped online and found out that the game had just cleared 1 million blockchain transactions per day.

Sure seems like that's a bit bullish, eh?

What if we look at the market cap of splinterlands cards?

That's from yesterday though actually, and that MC had gone up $5M in the previous 24 hours...

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