The Addiction Is Real

A Rebirth

Have you heard of Escape From Tarkov? If not, check out the highlighted paragraph below for a quick down-low on it. If you have, then you may know how insanely fun it is to play and entertaining to watch... if you're good at the game that is lol.

Escape From Tarkov (EFT) is a FPS hyper-realistic survival shooter game set in apocalyptic Russia. Build up your hideout, gear up and set out for raids against other players and scavs. You must survive against hunger and thirst along with other players out to kill you. Store Page For More Information


I am extremely cheap, and knowing how bad I am at games like this, I chose to play the single player version. Some of you may be confused as Tarkov does not natively have solo. However, a group decided to take the game files and allow players to run their own server and play against bots. This way you can still play the storyline along with training to at some point buy the full game and have a chance against the veteran "Chads" at the game.

I've grinded the crap out of the original solo version, but the release of some mods for the game brought me back and now I can't get off. This is a real problem as I missed a scheduled post from too much time on here, so why not mix the two and make a post about the game.


The (modpack?) I am playing is called "Altered Escape", it edits the game files and adds custom stuff along with editing the storyline. I didn't read into it too much honestly, I'm a freak for modded things... Minecraft back in the day, WaW Zombies, BO3 Zombies, etc. This is a problem, the mechanics are insane and I am trash at the PVP part of the game, so when I missed the "harder Tarkov experience" it really put me in for a ride. I die soo much now! But I guess that's the fun of it, harder challenge and will slightly improve my gun skill so I can buy the darn game.

Over the time I've been playing, I've gotten to level 27 with a good portion of the quests finished. with the alteration of the game, I've had to work on being better on organization and resource allocation. Of course I'm running AR platforms, since I'm an AR over AK guy, so I'll show you two of my main loadouts that I have... before I die and lose it.

I am serious, if you think you are a god at Call of Duty or any other FPS shooters, try this game! You will fall in love with the realism of everything, but also feel beyond small with how ruthless Tarkov can be.

I know this is a shorter post, but I hope to make a full game explanation post where I get into the nitty-gritty of everything EFT has to offer. So expect that to drop sometime in the near future.

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