Reaching Greatness (Rocket League Ranked)

Rocket League, What Is It??

I am sure all of you have heard of Rocket League, as its quite an old game. However, if you are one of the few, I will give you a quick overview of this blessed game that parades its' greatness in front of all.



Imagine cars are people, and these "people" are playing an extremely intense game of soccer-volleyball, that is Rocket League. The premise of the game is to get the ball into the opponents goal, except the ball is light and goes into the air quite often, and you're controlling a miniature rocket car. Crazy Right!?

Psssttt.... It's free too! Check it out!

Rocket League Competitive

I am telling you right now, people that take Rocket League as seriously as I do, they are ferocious! The different techniques and skills needed to excel is unfathomable. This is exactly why it is one of my biggest gaming achievements I have achieved to date.

Provided to the right exhibits all of the ranks achievable and will be used as a guide to explain the new skills as you progress. Picking up a controller and downloading Rocket League, good chances you will start as Bronze 1 (Farthest Bottom Left)

As this game is best with a group of three, getting as high as I have being solo is a huge achievement in my books. I have spent years working up my skills and learning new ones to become better and get to "Supersonic-Legend" As of now, I haven't gotten to the top just yet but I do hold a hefty percentage at Champion 1. (Rumble Playlist)

Top 3%
~17 Days
1021 Levels

As a player since release, I have spent soo much time to get to where I am, many days frustrated, angry, sad, you name it. I used to struggle getting from gold to platinum rank and now I destroy most players, and many casual players rage quit out of the match.

It feels good to excel in this game, but it can get frustrating playing with friends that aren't close in ranks. But that's all part of the power and responsibility, riding close to that tight rope.

Why do you say solo is hard?

The hardest part about solo is the teamwork needed to do well, imagine being the quarterback of a (American) football team but you cannot speak to anyone and some get too high of an ego to help other teammates. It is hard to explain perfectly, but that is a close representation I think.

Soloing leaves you as a team-player stuck trying to figure out whos going out for what and where they will hit the ball. In many parts this is exactly like soccer, pull the ball back to a teammate, to push 2x harder. In addition, some people are better at defending, etc. in which changes the team chemistry every game making it hard to specialize in one part of the game.

This is not to mention the rules of no "Ball chasing" and "Double/Triple Comitting".

Double/Triple Comitting - "A double commit is a rotation failure. For example instead of one person staying in goal while the other tries to clear the ball, two people "commit" to the same position. Two people chase the ball at the same time. Two people try to score the goal at the same time. Two people both try to pass to center at the same time. Two people stay in the net as goalie at the same time. It is a failure of people keeping rotation, either one player rotates into one position too soon, or one rotates out of that position too late. -SoulElite1 Reddit"

Ball Chasing - When a player follows the ball 24/7 and failing to "rotate" or get into a good position, causing a loss in possession of the ball - Me

Some Skills I Learned On The Journey


As there are millions of techniques and mechanics to this game, I will only explain a couple but know this is NOT a comprehensive list. Explanations might not be the best, but I cannot find any gifs and my computer will not function for me to record doing them myself.

Half Flip Reverse - One cancels the backflip halfway through and orients the car the other way. In effect, this is faster than reversing and you will be oriented the way you want to drive. (~Diamond 1)

(Video to show what I mean) -

Fun Fact - Most E-sports RL players unbind their reverse key so that they don't use it.

Wave Dashing - Wave dashing is one of the fastest ways to move around in Rocket League, it is also quite versatile in how you can use it. In essence, by orienting your car in the air, you can front flip and slide at the same time giving you a huge speed boost. (~Diamond 3)

(Video to show what I mean) -

Fast Aerials - Fast aerials allow you to hit balls high in the air that would otherwise be impossible to hit, especially while in a fast paced game. In short, not boosting and pressing your jump key twice in succession will allow for a bigger lunge. (~Platinum 3)

(Video to show what I mean) -

Happy Ending

Even after all this game time on my account, and the age of the game, I still find myself purchasing the rocket pass every season and grinding it out to someday get to that Supersonic Legend rank. But hey! I wont complain, being where I am is extremely cool and it took me ages. I can definitely say the journey is way better than the destination, maybe that's why I keep pushing my goal further and further.

Another cool achievement to add is that a day after achieving this momentous goal, I won two, diamond 3 tournaments in a row finishing first place. Now this could just be incredible luck, but I don't think I'll be seeing anything like that again any time soon with where my rank is now.


(Need to reach top 8 in diamond tourney to see All-Stars Cup)

Grand Champ next!

Thanks for checking out my post! Until next time...


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