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A little bit ago, EAPlay released some new information on games and one of which were Battlefield 2042. Unfortunately, I was unable to see the reveal live but I took some time to check out the video myself and saw someone else describe their view on the new information.

The Portal

Wow, some really crazy news coming from EA these days. Battlefield released the news about a new... well, portal. This portal allows for custom games online where you as the community/player can choose the game mode and create your own twists of iconic modes. So far, this portal allows for asset distribution from BF 1942, Bad Company 2, BF 3 and Battlefield 2042. Do you know what this means!?



Lucky for you, I'm here to give you the answers. This means some of the most iconic battlefields are in essence going to be cross compatible! Sick of the new futuristic weapons? Just hop over to the portal and play some WW1/WW2 game play and experience the nostalgia, and if that's not for you, how about defibrillators VS. knives?

Creativity is the only limit with the portal. Ripple (Working with EA) has announced that the portal will be available AT LAUNCH!

Extra Details

From the announcement, some of the most famous maps will be available, as well as the weapons of their respective game. Ripple also showcased this cool logic editor which I would assume allows for reducing/adding mechanics to fit the game.


Through the talking, game modes are endless, you can do gun game with specific weapons. For example, all snipers in the supported BF's can be in a gun game. Furthermore, infected can be made (Known from MW3) and much much more!

A couple caveats, unfortunately you can not add your own models into the game, nor can you edit the maps that are released. So this means you are restricted to what EA gives you in terms of map and model design.

Some Gameplay And Mode Reveal

Some of the modes shown created by some VIP known people in the YT and gaming world were pretty unique and cool. However, I could not not stop thinking about the game play shown. I'm not too sure how I feel about the shooting just yet. To me, it seems a little rushed but with the small amount of gameplay shown I will hold in my urges for now. 99% chance I will be pre-ordering and hopefully I'll be getting a couple posts up or even videos 😉

And that is all for the reveal! Hazard Zone is yet to be divulged to the public but it will be released later on in the life of BF 2042's release. Hazard Zone is the battle royale that EA is against saying is a battle royale? But we will learn more as time goes.

My Piece

This is all very crazy! I know I'm saying this for EA but this game seems to be the "be-all" for FPS shooters, and if everything comes out the way it is being talked, I can forecast best game of 2021 and wipe every other FPS in the dust. However, it is all relying on the gameplay for me now, that is the number 1 factor that could make this game greatness or become another CoD Ghost. Battlefield has potential for being the GOAT of FPS, or thrown away and forgotten extremely fast.



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