My first 4 Days Playing Splinterlands (Totally hooked)

Hello everyone...

I have recently decided to jump right into this world of NFT games and although I would have loved to have started in other projects that are profitable at the moment, I am still on time to start in something that I know will be a big boom soon.

And since I am not going to repeat the same mistake of passing up a golden opportunity, Splinterlands is my best option at the moment and although I am getting in very late compared to other players, it is still a good time to get in considering the daily volumes it is having right now.

For me, it was a challenge to play this game at first because it cost me a lot to understand the mechanics of the game and how to make the right combos (well I still struggle) but I'm hooked in such a way that I play about 25 battles a day apart from the missions to get the chests.

I'm still learning about the game, and what I've seen so far is that to earn rewards you have to play the daily challenges and move up the league to get more chests, I'm stuck in the bronze league 2, I do not know how to advance to the next league as the requirement that asks me is to have more power but I see that I do not get it when I win a battle.


As for my deck of cards, I have followed some advice from other Leofinance players and I have bought some cards that have helped me a lot like Goblin Mech or Horny Toad, I have seen that they are of a very low level, but I plan to evolve them and turn them into higher-level cards. So far the only card that I have obtained in the daily reward chests is Chain Spinner, and although the splinter Luz is not my forte, I know that it has some utility when the daily missions are played.


Another thing that is still hard for me to understand is the rules of battle because depending on the rule that comes out when the battle begins will depend on whether the strategy I use is successful or not. My current rank is 2850 in the league I'm in, as for the battles I've had more defeats than victories because I'm still learning to combine my deck very well or choose my summoner to ensure a victory. My maximum winning streak is 7 is very bad because it leaves me bad in front of other players and I do not get the DEC I want.


Anyway, this is a post that I will publish weekly about my progress in splinterlands, I want to see how each week I am increasing and getting better things if you have any advice for a beginner I would gladly accept it, plus I would also like to see how Splinterlands becomes an increasingly attractive game for the crypto community and with its next airdrop of the SPS governance token we will see splinterlands in a major position in dappradar.

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