What's new in dCrops? UI and ART Updates, HIVE Rewards, Quests and a Referral Contest (Prizes worth $200+)

Hello farmers! It has been a while since our last post and that's because we have been working on a ton of new updates.

Updates to the UI and game cards


As you have noticed, the dashboard now looks much nicer than before. The other pages on the site are also slowly being updated and will be out soon.

We have also decided to completely redraw the NFT art and now the NFT art is truly unique. This is a work in progress and here are some examples.


HIVE Rewards

We are very glad to announce that we will soon start distributing the hive from our reward pool.

We will be distributing Hive on a daily basis based on a few factors. We will take a snapshot each day and will be considering CROP token balance, ALPHA Pack balance, your card's burn value as well as harvested crops in your inventory.

A 15 day average of the sum of their values which we are calling CROP POWER will be considered for the rewards.

Note: Both hive-engine balances as well as your in-game balance will be added to calculate your stake in the rewards.

How is CROP POWER calculated?

The weights are as follows:
ACTIVE CARD : Burn Value
INACTIVE CARD : Burn Value / 2
Harvested Crops : Only 3* harvested crops are considered and their weights are:

Common: 0.25
Rare: 0.5
Epic: 0.75
Legendary: 1

What are active cards?
Active cards are those cards that have been used in playing the game in the past 15 days. This is to reward players who are actively playing the game.

A minimum of 20,000 CROP Power is necessary in order to start getting rewards.

Apart from being used to calculate the amount of Hive rewards, CROP Power may also influence quests and it will be used in some form of governance in the near future.


Quests are an upcoming mechanic that is currently under development. At the start of each season, a set number of tasks will be generated randomly for each player and they must complete them to be able to get the quest rewards.

The quests will include, planting X number of seeds of a certain rarity, or selling X number of crops of a certain quality, and so on. As the gameplay mechanics increase, new quests will be introduced.

Quest Rewards

Upon completion of all quests, players will get a reward chest of a set number of items. Each item will have a chance to be one of 3 new consumables -

Fertiliser_ 3.png

Ferti-Plus: Doubles the chance to get 3* and 2* crops upon harvest for the land that it was applied to. This is applied across a land card for all its plots.

Speed_Gro 2.png

Speed-Gro: Reduces the time required for a seed to mature by 10%-50% on a specific plot of land. This is applied across a land card for all its plots.


Mystery Seeds: When you plant a mystery seed, it randomly transforms into a seed from the current season. The chance for it to transform to a certain rarity is the same as the drop rate for that seed in the packs. This means it has a 75% chance to be a Common seed and 0.8% to be a Legendary seed.

Apart from being available as quest rewards, players can also purchase them using CROP tokens. All crop tokens used for the purchase of these items will be burned.

Referral Event


We are introducing a referral system. You will receive a 5% commission on all Packs purchased through HIVE by players who log in for the first time to the site using your referral link.

We are holding an invite event that will last for a month and the players who have the highest number of active referrals will win Packs and other items as prizes. An active referral is a player that has bought at least one pack either using HIVE or CROP after signing up using your link.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Place: 25 Packs
2nd Place: 15 Packs
3rd Place: 10 Packs
4th - 10th Place: 5 Packs + 10 Mystery Seeds each
10th - 20th Place: 1 Pack + 10 Mystery Seeds Each

The event ends on 10th September, 5 pm UTC.

Play Now: https://www.dcrops.com
Join our discord: https://discord.gg/zeJShKkF7K
Twitter: https://twitter.com/d_crops
Bitclout: https://bitclout.com/u/dcrops

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