Oceanplanet - News for 17.06.2021

In the game Oceanplanet another inventory card was integrated into the game process - "autowasher". This card washes all the cells with the raised silt at the same time. In the image below, I marked it with the number 2.


In addition, for the card "washer", marked with the number 1, added an increase in the speed of washing.

In other good news, the action of these two cards is combined. So, at the moment, having these 2 cards in the equipment, the washing speed has become really nice, which is not the case with the speed of lowering and raising the net for catching.

This is what the process of cleaning the sludge in search of loot now looks like.


Today developers announced the implementation of the game mechanics of the next, already the 3rd card "sieve". According to information from the chat, this card will wash half of the random sludge cells immediately after lifting the grid.

That's the end of the news. If there is anything else interesting, I will definitely write about it.

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