Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.51

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Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz
For the week ending on : (6/13/2021) | Vol.51

What's Buzzing Friends...

In our fast hustling and bustling world, sometimes hard to take a step back and look at the world around us. Realize that everything we see has to have been designed by human, who conceived and invented these various things and ideas.

One notable inventor extraordinaire, and dare we venture to say businessman extraordinaire, revolutionized the world of fast food with one simple invention that is easy to overlook. This man is David Rich. Let's talk about him.

The year was 1975 and our boy David Rich was a proud McDonald's franchise owner in Sierra Vista, Arizona. He would probably have remained a plaque on the wall of the McDonald's corporate office had not been for the fact that his McDonald's franchise, in Sierra Vista was located near the Fort Huachuca military base.

Military personnel on this base were not allowed to have on their military uniform in public. This created hardships for the military personnel who wish to grab that chicken McNugget on the way into work. David Rich design an ingenious solution. He put a hole in the wall of his franchise and made the first drive-through window.

That is correct folks, David Rich is the inventor of the drive-through window. An everyday invention that seems so practical that it should have been made a long time ago, however its first appearance was in 1975.

If you want to read more about this interesting story here's a link, but if you want to read some fascinating stories, just scroll on down to the weekly updates from D.Buzz.

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Last Sunday

Here's a link to the previous recap post from last Sunday. >> 5/6/2021 <<


This week for the Monday mission we asked you to go to twitter and retweet a message. This simple act can net you 15 $HIVE If you win. Learn more about this at the link on the side.


On Next.D.Buzz This week we released some great updates allowing you to post multiple URLs, and enhanced character counter for your convenience.


Every week were good do a video about one feature that D.Buzz Currently has started to build up a good database of all different options you have while using this platform. This is the first one talking about the CoinGecko integration.

Read it here:



@guruvaj , He is one cool cat and a teacher Who is helping the world and the block chain learn and grow every day. You got a learn who this person is. Stop by there page and check them out today!


Just when you thought you might be running out of ideas on things the post, we dropped the level for 30-day challenge. This challenge was submitted by an anonymous community member and is chock-full of great questions for you to answer.


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