The HiveSQL documentation is now available

Promises are made to be kept! HiveSQL's proposal mentioned the creation of documentation and tutorials. Here is finally the culmination of a long work that I undertook several weeks ago: the HiveSQL documentation.

After many tests with different documentation solutions, my choice finally fell on gitbooks which, in my opinion, offer a lot of flexibility, both in terms of content editing and maintenance.

TL;DR: HiveSQL documentation can be found at

What's in it?

First, there is general information on

  • what is HiveSQL.
  • how to access it.
  • how to get support.

Things that current HiveSQL users are already used to.

You will then find more technical information such as:

  • a database diagram
  • an exhaustive list of all available tables
  • a description for each table's column

Yes, you read it well: for all operations, virtual operations and state tables, each column of each table is described. This should interest many developers, even if they do not use Hiveql.

The documentation describes:

It also describes how to use HiveSQL exclusive features like Full-Text Search and Language Detection.

The documentation also contains various tutorials for developers, notably PHP, Python, Ruby and even for Microsoft Excel users. More to come.

Other Resources

I also searched the blockchain to find the various posts that have been written about HiveSQL. So I grouped the links to these different posts on a resource page to make it easier for you to find them.

If you have made a post that deserves to appear there, do not hesitate to contact me as well.

What's next?

There is still room to improve this documentation. I am thinking about examples of complex queries, more detailed information on the blockchain content and operations.

Some of the tutorials provided are quite rudimentary. I plan to improve them too. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to add your contribution.

But I first wish to have your feedback on its current state before going further.

Feel free to use the HiveSQL Discord channel to report typos or make suggestions.

One last word

Thank you to @inertia for the amazing work he did with the Hive Developer Documentation from which I borrowed a few sentences.

I truly believe that both documentations are complementary resources and that they will help everyone, developers and non-developers, to understand the content and organization of our blockchain.

The HiveSQL Documentation is available at

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