Oak paneling...on the hoof, LOL!

When I dropped off a load of prepping supplies today, I finally remembered to get a picture of the baby oak tree on the homestead. I will never actually cut this one for lumber, but I stood in front of it to give some scale.

Here is the little oak, shading my house:


I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, and 250 pounds; standing 2 foot in front of the little tree!

This side is over 5 foot across, and I will measure how tall, after we get moved by triangulation. Rough guess now is 120 feet...she is a big girl! We get an amazing amount of shade from this one, combined with the wind off the lake; it is ten degrees cooler there. This will make it easier to cool the house in the summer, unloading my power generation for off grid. Oddly, there is a power pole on the property, and grid connection available. I don't trust them during my a SHTF scenario, so I am trying to just stay off grid entirely from the start.

I had promised to post a picture of this tree for some, but with me in the picture I'm sure they regret that now!

Keep on prepping, they will deliberately crash it soon....

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