A coin for every occasion: 17th June 1885 - Statue of Liberty Arrival


On 17 June 1885, a new arrival appeared in New York City: the Statue of Liberty. Delivered aboard the French ship ‘Isere’, the monument became a symbol of liberty in America, and of the country itself. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the statue depicts Lady Liberty striding forward powerfully, raising a torch in her right hand and holding a tabula ansata (or Roman tablet) bearing the date of the Declaration of Independence in her left.

2013 D Presidential Dollars : Theodore Roosevelt

The Presidential $1 US dollar coin features the Statue of Liberty and a portrait of an American President. Intended to create renewed interest in dollar coins, the Presidential $1 coins are ideal for coin collectors and anyone who is interested in collecting coins of all the Presidents. The Presidential $1 Coin Act declares that no coins may be issued featuring a living president, or a presiden who died less than two years ago.


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