Gothic Styled Stacking: 2020 Monarch 2 Troy oz Mummy Tombstone bar


”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

My Mummy

Getting a jump on the 2021 Halloween spirits was this 2020 Mummy Tombstone bar after Halloween 2020. How did I afford this silver bar at their ridiculous retail markup? It’s waiting for after Halloween I should expect a mark down hopefully like the Chocolate Candy I stock up on when my grocer predictably marks them down more than 50% savings!
I usually stock up enough Chocolate fix until Easter.

2020 Monarch 2 Troy oz Mummy Tombstone Bar
Reverse; Reanimated Mummy probably immigrated from Egypt.
Text; R.I.P. (Rest in peace but neither resting or being peaceful)
Length 1.75ins, Width 1 ins, Thickness 0.1875 ins.

To my disappointment I wasn’t given a discount by the Internet Retailer in Ontario, only the offer of free shipping if my total order came to $500.
That’s where @punkysdad comes in and for himself orders enough Maple leaves or Generic to meet that threshold.

2020 Monarch 2 Troy oz Mummy Tombstone Bar
Obverse; Monarch Precious Metals Logo
Text; 2 Troy ounce, 999 Fine Silver, 446
Limited Edition Mintage 446 of 999
Comes with a black Velour drawstring pouch.

Monarch Precious Metals still does not ship direct to Canadian customers except to only one retailer in Canada who buys it quantity.
The new 2021 Version of the Tombstone was put on sale September 15th,2021 prior to Halloween as expected and had sold out by the 16th the very next day. The lower serialized bars were sold at an additional premium.

The Monarch 2 Troy oz Tombstone Bar Collection to date.
From Left to Right
Original Tombstone Bar, Zombie, Ghost, Mummy
Blackbeard’s Hanky from another Piratey gift from Nyssacat373
and the Raven's Skull Candy jar is yet another gift from Nyssacat373

I still haven’t found the Witch and the Pumpkin versions at a reasonable price to complete this Halloween collection. But I will have this year’s 2021 Tombstone bar later this week so follow me to see it by Halloween 2021.

Adding Silver and Crypto to my Stack for that rainy day or dark and story night!

Wondering if Fed chairman Powell is sleeping well these nights?

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1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


Monarch Precious Metals MPM

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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