📊 Daily Twitter Data Reports as of September 23, 2021

Our Daily Reports in all the tweets related to #Hive, hope you will enjoy what you see here as we are trying to boost Hive's popularity especially on a big social media #Twitter.

As a long believer of the Hive protocol since 2017, there is a necessity to attract more attention in what can we offer here as Fast, Scalable, Powerful, The Blockchain for Web 3.0. Twitter is a great platform to bring awareness on Web 3.0, I made a post on how Twitter may play an important role for us. Our google spreadsheet is available for public viewing.

If you love promoting Hive on Twitter and want to earn Hive at the same time. We want to invite you to our regular Call to Action posts on the accounts @hiro-hive and @acidposh made by @acidyo. All tweet participation is eligible for an upvote from @theycallmedan and liquid Hive tips sponsored by @threespeak. Tweets with a minimum #Hive tag will get a daily #POSH airdrop (@poshtoken), we can check this post. It's our pleasure to work with such a great community.

1. Daily number of Tweets & Retweets

Total Number of Hive Tweets and Retweets (81).png

DateNo. of TweetsNo. of RetweetsTotal No. Tweets & Retweets

2. Top 30 Daily Most Active Hive Owners

(Note: These are the total Orignal Tweets, Retweets, Retweets with comments, replies(comments) with our hashtags and links.)

RankTwitter / Hive UsernamesTweet Counts
1HiveBlogShare / @hiveblogshare265
2cbit_roxana_mdh / @cetb2008187
5SMadushnaka / @madushanka96
6Mickvir2 / @mickvir41
8TraciYorkWriter / @traciyork29
9Andresrk98 / @andresrk28
10jlufer / @jlufer23
11Fran_Guanare / @franvenezuela22
12AlienArtHive / @alienarthive21
13motherhood_hive / @motherhood20
15MercedesMargari / @mercmarg16
16TheRealSnowJon / @jonsnow198313
17hiro_hive / @hiro-hive12
18sgerhart130 / @sgerhart11
19ilbiscom / @seckorama11
20mariatornero60 / @sacra9711
21dhafiz34 / @hafiz3411
22Music1Sound / @music1sound10
23nuher001 / @numa2610
24taskmaster4450 / @taskmaster44509
25danyramsoficial / @daniel20019
26AndersonSBrad / @bradleyarrow9
27bitinvest_news / @russia-btc9
29ALIRAMONRIERATO / @aliriera9
30HiveTrending / @hivetoday8

3. Top 30 Hive Owners that received most Likes & Retweets (from Sep 21 - Sep 23)

(Note: All tweets that have hashtags and links will be included. We considered all tweets in the past 3 days for the reason that tweets are continually being liked & retweeted by people.)

RankTwitter / Hive UsernamesSUM of Likes & RTs
1taskmaster4450 / @taskmaster4450226
2splinterlands / @steemmonsters191
3oAcido / @acidyo120
4TraciYorkWriter / @traciyork116
5dhafiz34 / @hafiz34109
73speakes / @threespeak-es103
8HiveSlotGames / @hiveslotgames101
9hiveblocks / @hiveio92
11Dalz19631657 / @dalz79
14Dimeilaz / @ilazramusic65
15jlufer / @jlufer63
16AlienArtHive / @alienarthive63
17hive_blogvzla / @hiveve62
18jesuspsoto1 / @jesuspsoto59
20cryspe_taro / @hametaro58
22FinanceLeo / @leofinance54
23daltonoHive / @daltono54
24ErikGsn / @flaxz51
25motherhood_hive / @motherhood50
26Kawsarhasan / @kawsar803550
27PacoLimited / @pacolimited47
28Jodi_PM / @jodipamungkas47
29ThePixiePost / @pixiepost46
30MARYBELLRG / @marybellrg45

4. Top 30 Tweets w/ Highest Number of Likes & Retweets (from Sep 21 - Sep 23)

RankTwitter / Hive UsernamesTweets ShortcutNo. of Likes + RT
1splinterlands / @steemmonstersTwitter Link191
2hiveblocks / @hiveioTwitter Link92
3HelloTelosTwitter Link90
4Dalz19631657 / @dalzTwitter Link79
5taskmaster4450 / @taskmaster4450Twitter Link78
6HiveSlotGames / @hiveslotgamesTwitter Link71
7oAcido / @acidyoTwitter Link63
8katerinaramm1Twitter Link57
93speakes / @threespeak-esTwitter Link48
10PacoLimited / @pacolimitedTwitter Link47
113speakes / @threespeak-esTwitter Link45
12Hivecreators_esTwitter Link45
13TraciYorkWriter / @traciyorkTwitter Link43
14TraciYorkWriter / @traciyorkTwitter Link40
15Dimeilaz / @ilazramusicTwitter Link40
16Jon_G_Olson / @jongolsonTwitter Link38
17hive_blogvzla / @hiveveTwitter Link37
18SplinterlandsG / @foggybottomTwitter Link35
19HiveTrending / @hivetodayTwitter Link35
20FinanceLeo / @leofinanceTwitter Link34
213speakonline / @threespeakTwitter Link33
22dhafiz34 / @hafiz34Twitter Link33
23taskmaster4450 / @taskmaster4450Twitter Link32
24hiveblocks_es / @hiveveTwitter Link32
25oAcido / @acidyoTwitter Link30
26orimusic8 / @orimusicTwitter Link27
27oAcido / @acidyoTwitter Link27
28yummyveganasian / @anggreklestariTwitter Link27
29gr33nmaster / @gr33nm4sterTwitter Link27
30taskmaster4450 / @taskmaster4450Twitter Link26

5. Tweets of the Day

splinterlands / @steemmonsters

Dalz19631657 / @dalz

taskmaster4450 / @taskmaster4450

TraciYorkWriter / @traciyork

HiveTrending / @hivetoday

oAcido / @acidyo

6. Tweets that we don't want to miss out

hiveblocks / @hiveio

We have gathered the data to show to you how we are doing of promoting Hive this past few days. We have all our Twitter Data publicly available for your review to verify how we are doing on Twitter that relates to our hashtags.


All data reported above are based on the data from Twitter API related to Hive. Please include #Crypto on our #Hive tweets to reach a much larger audience and eyeballs.
Please follow me on Twitter and Hive 😍

We want to recognize our great people on Twitter we always see every day. I am grateful to God to have you guys in our Hive Family. We love all of you, I am praying to God that He take good care for all of you and your family. <3

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