Feedback Event + 1 DICE Booster Pack Giveaway - The Talent Club

The Talent Club is now playing Splinterlands

   Yeah, we've decided to buy a Spellbook with the club's main account and start our own journey in the Splinterlands game.

   But in reality the news is not that, since we are just one more account among the thousands and thousands of accounts that join this revolutionary game every day.

   The real news behind that the club account has joined to play Splinterlands is that cards and $DEC generated with club's account will be periodically raffled or distributed free of charge among its members, whether they play the game or not.

   It's therefore one more way to remunerate our members for the simple fact of having been accepted or selected within this talent club.

Our own guild in Splinterlands

   We've paid 10,000 $DEC to create our own Guild Level 1 there: The Talent Club Spartans, free of charge for current members.

   As there are only 15 seats in a level 1 guild, these positions are filled from highest to lowest membership, which is another advantage of occupying high memberships in our club.

   For those who do not know the advantages derived from belonging to a guild, these are just a few:

  • You earn more $DEC for every individual battle you've won.
  • You get various discounts in some shop purchases.
  • You can fight in the Brawls and get $CROWN rewards.

   As you can imagine with these advantages, there are very few free guilds and they are all always full; the most common thing is that to belong to a guild you have to contribute a fixed weekly $DEC payment or you are expelled from the guild.

DICE Booster Pack giveaway event

   We are happy to have started our journey in Splinterlands so we have decided to give away 1 DICE Booster Pack unopened, through an activity that provides us with feedback.

   The event will consist of two phases, so to speak:

  • First, write a short article, no more than 500 words.
  • Second, join our Discord server and share your post link on the #feedback-event channel to be validated for the giveaway.

   The main theme of the aforementioned articles will be intended to give us feedback so here some ideas or examples:

  • Why do you like (or not) The Talent Club?
  • What do you like the most (or the least) of our club/system/tokenomics, etc.?
  • How was your experience with the club or how did you get to know us?
  • What things would you like to improve in our club?
  • What ideas do you have about future activities that we can carry out?
  • Why would you like to be a club member (or not)?
  • From 1 to 10, how would you rate us as a project on the Hive Blockchain?
  • Any other interesting thing that you can think of or want to share with us.

   Just a few rules:

  • The papers will be titled as Feedback Event + 1 DICE Booster Pack Giveaway.
  • The works will be posted into The Talent Club community.
  • You must use #talentclub, #growinguptogether, #splinterlands and #feedback tags.
  • The articles may be written both in English or Spanish.
  • Only one work per participant.
  • Links of the works not submitted to the #feedback-event Discord channel and to our community, won't be taken into account for the giveaway.
  • You can add images, videos or whatever you want to your post to make it up a bit.
  • Timeline ends in September, 2nd at 12:00 UTC.

   The contest will be open to both non-members and members but to be fair (since our members know us better than anyone), good feedback received from non-member users will be multiplied x2 when counting scores.

   Of all the papers presented, the 5 best-rated papers will be selected (with the highest score based in our internal vote and taking into account that x2 multiplier to non-members) and, if there were not a paper that stands out much above the others, a draw will be held with said 5 papers, to be able to determine the DICE Booster Pack winner.

   After the timeline ends, we'll publish an article with fragments of said best 5 Feedback Event papers and we'll announce the winner there.

   All the participant works will receive a vote from The Talent Club.

   We want to highlight and recognize the original idea that @forykw had when creating, event that led us to want to do something similar with the club, at least in regards to sharing the rewards generated in Splinterlands game, but without sharing our PK to play.

   Haven't you had a look at Atexoras Pub yet? Well, do it now because it is a fun and original idea.

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