Splinterlands Season Rewards With Talk About New Cards

Wow, Sorry everyone it has been a bit. I don't know what happened but just with work getting busy and starting to work out again I didn't get around to posting this. Also because of all that I didn't make content. But I am going to release a lot more this week as there is a lot going on I want to make sure you know about. I will cover the white paper for the presale soon. I have been talking with players in my telegram so make sure to check that out if you want to chat. I am sorry that I was so late giving out the DEC from that last giveaway post I was a full week late so I picked 2 winners.

2021-09-25 10_46_13-Wheel of Names _ Random name picker.png

2021-09-25 10_46_53-Wheel of Names _ Random name picker.png

2021-09-25 10_57_30-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Congrats to both @cryptoph0823 and @chuxter and thanks for checking out my stuff. Once again if you watch the video and make a comment about it you can win 1000 DEC in about a week when I do the next giveaway.

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