Splinterlands Rewards Share Time with some Game Talk

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I hope you are all doing well. I have been having an amazing few days as most of the Splinterlands Players right now. The market cap is going crazy. Players are signing up faster than ever. My youtube videos from months ago are getting new comments and new ones are getting a lot of views. All this happens so fast right now that the season just went and ended. I will be making a lot more Splinterlands content in the next few weeks. Some of it is stuff I covered on my blog, but it's time to share it again. It sure is fun to start to see the future that blockchain gaming can give people if it is done right.

Pretty fun to know I can do this again in 2 weeks. I really hope a lot of you have gotten into the game before this run-up so you are just enjoying it all. If not you can still sign up and play for just 10 and you will earn some rewards but it will take an investment to earn like I am showing you in that video.

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