Splinterlands Is Blowing Up See Why

Wow, I got busy at the wrong time. I should have been bragging more about how much Splinterlands went up in the last few weeks. For sure now that Untamed Packs sold out. Land sold out, and soon the last pack's Dice will be gone also. The Marketcap of the cards has gone up around 4x in a few weeks. All that value is in the hands of players. That is what sets this game aside compared to so many others. The team is out to make a game that will reward us more than them. Stick around in this one and watch me give out some DEC and get way more back from my rewards. Oh, and the SPS governance token airdrop is starting in a few weeks. This game is going to change lives.

Join Us in The Splinterlands
If you buy your spellbook let me know I will give you some DEC if you use my link.

00:03 Intro
02:01 Who Won DEC?
04:00 Free Season Rewards
08:10 Rewards End with BANG
08:50 Yup $270 or hmm $900?
09:28 #Play2Earn Push
10:24 Sign Ups Go UP
11:05 MarketCap
12:00 Chaos Legion Set is Coming
12:30 Rental Market is Live
15:00 Wrap Up

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