My first Splinterlands card to pass $100,000!

So today I casually went to see the highest valued cards on Splinterlands and saw this..


For a second I was baffled to see Gold Dragon (gold foil version) worth $80k, but then I realized that I have 4 combined into a Max Level one!

gold dragon.PNG

So I checked and sure enough it showed mine worth $160,000!

Now I know that this can go up and down at any time if someone lists one cheaper.. or if anyone buys up the cheapest one, but it is still a great moment after playing for 3 years and starting with basically nothing.

Some people say it is not good having a card worth this much, because of bringing in new players, but I say treat it like the $500k Charizard (most people won't have one)!

I mean we have cryptopunks selling for millions all of the time..


Also there are over 50 million Millionaires in the world!!!


So I am sure a lot of them have different taste, but even if 1% got into Splinterlands that would be crazy!

Either way this is a fun journey, and I look forward to the future of Splinterlands.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial or investment adviser, and this is not financial or investment advice.