Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Building new Strategy - QUEEN MYCELIA

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We are in the middle of another season and it's been going well for me. I have rented some new cards this season. I will talk about one of the best legendary cards in the game. I am talking about Queen Myclelia.

She is a legendary Earth unit that deals with magic attacks. This unit came out in the Chaos legion edition. Let's talk more about its stats.



Queen Mycelia is a legendary earth unit... it deals with 1 magic attack and has low speed and comes with just 4 health. But with just 4 mana cost it has a nice ability, protect, this ability will grant all the friendly monsters 2 more shields. This helps immensely in battles against melee and ranged attackers.

Having a lower mana cost allows it to be used in low mana cap battles as well where having extra armour becomes much more important.

Being a mage, it can be placed in any possible lineup. I have used it in front of my lineups a few times as well but it is most effective when placed in the end or tucked away somewhere in the middle of the lineup.

Let's see where I used it in my battle.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

Mylor Crowling
Position 1
Double Strike
Position 2
Goblin Thief
Position 3
Queen Mycelia
Position 4
Iza the Fanged
Sneak, Scavenger
Position 5
Acid Shooter

It was a 27-mana cap battle and I could choose my cards with some freedom, I like high-range mana battles. I used the Mylor Crowling as my summoner, giving all my monsters thorns ability that deals damage back to melee attackers. The ruleset was "reverse speed"

In the first position, I used the Grund for obvious reasons. It is one of the best tanks from the earth splinter as it has an ample amount of health. It deals 3 melee damage and comes with a unique ability called double strike that allows it to attack twice in the same round. It can take down heavy, beefy tanks easily.

In the next position, I used the Goblin Thief, another melee attacker that deals 2 damage and has decent speed. It comes with sneak ability that makes it to attacks from the last position in the enemy lineup. This reverse flow of attack helps in surprising my opponents as many times you will find a weaker monster at the back of the lineup.

Next came the Queen Mycelia, it was the only mage in my lineup. As mentioned before, it comes with a protect ability that grants all my units extra 2 shields. This ability is a game-changer for me. It protected my weaker monster at the back of the lineup easily.

In the fourth position, I used Iza the Fanged, which deals with 1 ranged attack and has good speed which in this battle was not useful at all due to the reverse speed ruleset. But still, its sneak and scavenger ability helped immensely. It justifies the legendary tag easily.

In the last position, I used the Acid Shooter, it is a cheaper unit that costs only 2 mana but deals with ranged attack and comes with scattershot ability. I didn't expect much from this but it played its part beautifully in the battle.

Now my lineup was all set and it was time for battle.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.

My Strategy

I have a clear plan, using a strong tank at the front that can take some hits easily while all my ranged monsters can chip away the health of opponents slowly.

Queen Mycelia proved to be a great asset in supporting and protecting my units. Its extra armour helped my monsters remain in the game for longer. Also, using the sneak ability to surprise opponents by reversing the flow of attacks helped as well and this was part of my strategy.

Round 1

My opponent went for the water deck and used the Keyla Frendul. They focus more on magic and ranged attacks. But to my surprise, they didn't go with the strong tank at the front but went with a much weaker Cruel Sethropod.

Round 1 was all about countering the extra armour both our units had. While my sneaky monsters had a go at the end of the lineup, my Grund's attack was soaked by Sethropod's armour. This round was not clear at all as to who came ahead after this round.

Round 2 & 3

Round 2 saw the demise of Cruel Sethropod, it served well for one round. Grund quickly eliminated the next monster Pelacor Bandit. Its high speed did not come in handy in this match due to the reverse speed ruleset. By the end of this round, my tank was in very low health.

But just before getting defeated it took down another card. Its double strike ability proved to be unstoppable. After Round 3 it looks very bad for my opponent.

Round 4 & 5

Only Venari Wavesmith was giving some tough fights. But it didn't last long and eventually succumbed to the mounting pressure and attacks from my monsters. In the last, it was an easy win for me and I credit it to Grund's attacking strength and Queen Mycelia's protect ability.


Queen Mycelic is an amazing legendary unit that not only enhances the attacking strength of the whole lineup with its magic attack but also makes for a great defensive asset. Its protect ability grants extra armour to every friendly monster. I highly recommend incorporating it into your battles.

Also, its relatively lower mana cost means you to use it in many compositions.

Let me know what are your thoughts about this card.

Thanks for reading...

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