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Flying Peryton is one of the game's quickest mages, having 5 speeds on its own. It also has decent health and can be used in the front of the lineup while utilizing its flying ability to dodge some attacks easily. It can be used in various compositions effectively.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

SummonerObsidian+1 Magic
Position 1Unicorn MustangVoid
Position 2Regal PerytonFlying
Position 3Mycelic SlipspawnTaunt
Position 4Goblin PsychicTank Heal
Position 5Gargoya DevilFlying, Close Range
Position 6MantoidSnipe

It was a 99-mana battle so, I had the utmost freedom to choose my cards as I please without worrying about managing my mana. Also, the battle was a standard one with all splinterlands allowed and no change in the ruleset.

I went with the Obsidian as I plan to use mages for most of my lineup.

In the first position, I used the Unicorn Mustang, an excellent tank with the ability to take reduced damage from magic attacks. It had 10 health and 3 melee attacks with decent speed (4 speed). Naturally, it was the best choice for the tank.

Next came the Regal Peryton with its flying ability and quick speed, which allowed it to dodge many attacks during the battle.

In the next position, I placed the Mycelic Slipspawn, a powerful mage with taunt ability allowing it to take damage first, doesn't matter where it is placed in the lineup. It is used as a perfect deflect tactic while my primary tank remains relatively safe.

In the fourth place, I used the Goblin Psychic, another useful mage that deals 2 damage on its own but comes with a special ability to heal the tank at the start of each round. The only downside to using it is its low health.

Next came the Gargoya Devil, a ranged monster that can deal with 2 ranged attacks and comes with 2 special abilities, flying and close range which allows it to attack even from the first position. But it was placed at the other end of the lineup so, it was less likely to come in the front at all.

Last but not least, I used Mantoid, another ranged monster with the ability to snipe monsters skipping the first rank.

My Strategy

As it was a 99 mana battle, I assembled the most powerful monsters. I went with the mages and ranged monsters. I aimed to use beefy, heavy-hitting monsters. I went with the brute force method.

My opponent went with mostly ranged attackers with the Shield Bearer as their tank. It looked like a tough battle in the starting round but this strategy backfired on them as their monster could not attack from the first position.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.


Round 1 was a tough round for me. Every enemy monster attacked my Mycelic Slipspawn with full force, eventually eliminating it. While their Shield Barrier proved to be a great defensive tank.


Round 2 saw the end of the Shield Barrier and my tank, the Unicorn Mustang in quick succession. It was also looking bad but now their monster in the front of the lineup was effectively useless and couldn't attack. By the end of this round, one monster from each side gets eliminated.

ROUND 3 & 4

Rounds 3 and 4 were much easier than I thought, my opponent only had the ranged attacker and was of no match to my Regal Peryton. It dodged many oncoming attacks easily and proved to be fatal for my opponent. I won comfortably at the end.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my strategy worked well. Regal Peryton could easily be my MVP for this battle. It dodged many attacks while continuously hitting the enemy monsters. My mages dominated the battle with ease and never gave me a chance after the initial standoff.

Do you like the REGAL PERYTON? Why or why not?

Yes, it is one of my go-to cards in the entire game. I use it very often. Its flying ability allows it to dodge many attacks.

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