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ABILITIESVoid Armor, Giant Killer

The LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR is a beast when it comes to both attacking as well as defending. Costing a heavy 9 mana to use in my battle, it is worth spending every ounce of mana on this, especially in high mana battles.

It comes with a whopping 8 armour and 6 health which makes it one of the toughest tanks in the game. It deals with heavy melee attacks as well. And comes with two interesting abilities at level 2, Void Armor (magic attack hits the armour first) and giant killer (dealing double damage to monsters that costs 10 or more mana)

I would love to see it in action with battles where I have enough mana to get a few more attackers.

Let's see where I placed it in my lineup (not a surprise haha).

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

SummonerKeyla Frendul+1 speed, +1 armor
Position 1Legionnaire AlvarVoid Armor
Position 2Djinn OshannusVoid
Position 3Water CallerStun
Position 4DeeplurkerOpportunity
Position 5Venari WavesmithProtect
Position 6AxemasterDouble Strike

This was an unlimited mana battle and I had the utmost freedom to choose my lineup this time. I chose the Keyla Frendul as my summoner which gave all the friendly monsters extra speed and armour. It was not a standard battle and in this ruleset, all monster has the criple ability which did not interfere much with my plans in this battle.

I used the Legionnaire Alvar as my tank, of course. It was the perfect candidate for a tank in this battle. It had 8 armour to start with and will get more from my summoner and another card so, it was a no-brainer for me to go with this one. It has a nice ability called Void armour which will reduce the shield and not its health if gets hit by a magic attack. It proved very useful in this battle as my opponent used many mages in this battle.

In the next position, another impressive mage was standing strong. Djinn Oshannus is my latest favourite card in the game, its magic damage with great speed and health was more than enough for me to use it in this battle. It has the void ability that will help him take reduces magic damage. This along with my primary tank meant a strong fort at the front of the lineup.

Next came, the Water Caller, another mage with stun ability that has the chance to freeze the attack of its target. It helps immensely why the opponents use stronger tanks at the front of the lineup.

In the fourth position, came the Deeplurker, the only melee-attacker in my lineup. It has great attacking strength and comes with opportunity ability that strikes the weakest monsters in the lineup.

Next was the Venari Wavesmith, another mage with a special ability. Its protect ability will give all the friendly monsters 2 extra armour and will make it very difficult for the opponent team to get through them. Unfortunately, I was against a heavy magic attack but they did have a couple of melee attackers in their lineup.

In the last position, I used Axemaster, it is one of the newest finds for me. I haven't utilized this card much, but it suits this type of infinite mana battle as it can strike twice each round. It was the only range attacker in my camp.

Let's talk about my strategy for this game.

My Strategy

The infinite mana battle gave me enough freedom to go for two big beefy units at the front of the lineup in the forms of Legionnaire Alvar and Djinn Oshannus. Both of them are one of the finest candidates for tanks and take heavy damage while still attacking fiercely.

I suspected my opponent will go for heavy magic attack as well and my first two cards have enough protection against them. Water Caller was another great addition to my lineup as it can stun the enemy monster and will freeze it until the next round, super useful against big, heavy attackers.

It is a simple strategy that works well with high mana cap battles.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.


It was a big round for me, and I was happy to see my opponent use a heavy magic attack I was prepared against it. Their Mycelic Slipspawn took a heavy beating from my units and got eliminated easily. While all my monsters were well protected behind Legionnaire Alvar.


Round 2 was even worse for my opponent, their Unicorn Mustang also got beat up badly and was defeated quickly. It tried to hold the collapsing fort for long but couldn't do anything against my firepower. The criple ability was making it worse for them as well.

Finally, my Legionnaire Alvar went down after standing strong for two long rounds and taking multiple shots, it served me exceptionally well. I didn't expect it to go for this long.

ROUND 3 & 4

The result of the match was now easy to guess, another unit went down from the opposite camp and their future was not looking good either. Just three poor units against five monsters with full health. It was no match in this round.

By the start of round 4, it was just two units against my five strong and they had no chance at all. It was an easy win in the end.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

It worked very well. My defence was too strong and they could not make it through, both my tanks performed well in this battle along with other supporting units. It was a great success for me.

Do you like the LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR? Why or why not?

Yes, I love the card. It is a legendary unit for a reason. Although, I still have to test it for mid-range mana battles but it performs exceptionally well with high mana compositions. It is covered at both attacking and defensive fronts. I will highly recommend this card.

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