Splinterlands - The Value of Reward Cards?


With the new rewards cards continue to get rewarded there are signs that Splinterlands is continuing its rise in market cap.



Transaction and market cap have continue to rise as shown in peakmonster.com dashboard stats in the recent week after new reward cards has been introduced.

As a player for over a couple of years something I have learned with Splinterland cards is that the older they are the more likely their prices will appreciate. This post is to point out why you should not sell your earned reward cards so easily and instead look at past reward card editions to realize that it is well worth holding to not only increase value of your deck but also make your deck stronger.

Reward Cards

From splintercards.com the site has broken out the reward cards in three editions. Earliest reward cards being at the top of the list to the latest reward cards being at the bottom.

  1. Reward Cards (Beta Foil)
  2. Reward Cards (Untamed Foil)
  3. Reward Cards (Chaos Legions Foil)

Here is a snap shot of the beta foil cards from splintercards:


From splintercards the approximate cost to purchase max reward cards of the beta series it would cost at minimum $24k! Pay close attention many of the common max cards are actually more expensive than max legend cards. Why? It takes more common cards to max while legends it takes less. For example the Goblin Mech costs $1,560 to max while the most popular legendary card in Lord Arianthus costs $1,694 to max. Now it takes 400 Goblin Mech to max the card while 11 for Lord Arianthus so in simple terms it is more difficult to max out a Goblin Mech than Lord Arianthus. Here lies a very good reason to keep your reward cards. Common cards are printed out the most but it takes a lot of them to max the card. The demand for these cards will increase over time because there is still a limited amount of them. Collect the commons and if you do not plan to level up the cards it is still a great idea to save them for future growth in value. To go back to our example of Goblin Mech each common regular foil individual 1 bcx is priced at $3.90. There were over 100,000 Goblin Mechs ever printed.


Following the reward beta foil is the reward untamed foil. Newer reward cards currently take less to max. Whether it is common all the way to legend a reward untamed foil will cost less than that of a reward beta foil.

This presents an interesting example. With newer reward cards costing less to max it would be a good educated guess to assume as time passes the older reward cards become more expensive. To confirm we can compare the latest reward chao legion foil cards.


Looking quickly at the reward legends in chao series it is clear the max level cards are lower in price than that of untamed and beta series. It is worth noting there are more printed cards with the newer editions, but bottom line is the card prices have appreciated over the course of the games existence.


If you are earning a lot of rewards chao legions foil cards you may want to think about holding on to the cards for future growth in value and strengthening your deck. Do not over look the cards at its current prices as in past reward series it has proven that even reward cards will appreciate.

To put words in my mouth my own collection net worth has most of the net worth residing on the reward cards.



Almost 60% of my collection DEC burn rate is reward cards and it takes up over 40% of my net worth in cards. I am holding on top most of my reward cards, are you?

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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