Splinterlands - Best Time to Buy Legendaries?


The most recent reward cards have been coming out in droves as players are winning many of them. At this point in time even now I would say Djinn Biljka and Harklaw are at reasonably prices to purchase. I got lucky and at the time of this post bought a Dhinn Biljka at $9.30.

Reward Cards in Circulation

The latest chao legion reward cards print have risen 10 folds from past edition. Just by this stat alone is a staggering supply of legends to be sold and bought.


Straight out of https://kiokizz.github.io/Splinterlands/rewardCards.html

Chart above I highlight the Djinn and Harklaw to compare it with respected latest out of print splinter legendaries in Spirit Druid Grog and Ancient Lich. Off the bat readers can noticed that both Djinn Biljka and Harklaw have enough prints currently to rival that of the out of prints Spirit and Ancient Lich. Yet the two new legends have only 5% in total printed and in circulation. That means a factor of 20x more cards potentially for these two cards to exist in the game. The supply is huge which is one big reason prices on Legend should continue to remain affordable for those interested in purchasing them.

Staple Cards


Long ago when the first reward cards came out I remember the likes of Lord Arianthus was under $1 per bcx. At the time players were not aware how useful defense cards were and not familiar with the new abilities at play. It did not take long for players to figure it out and soon enough Lord become one of the most sought out cards in the game. Funny thing is that not only did it started are cheap it was also a card easily won in daily quests since at the time not many players were involved and that the card was still in print.

Long story short, trying to obtain the newer legend reward cards now as prices are considered at least half that of the next older legend is not a bad decision. There are new abilities in the legends that we are all still just learning such as Djinn's Camouflage. You may potentially encounter a reward cards that could become as popular as the great Lord Arianthus. Never know but safer to buy some now and not have to later down the road wish you had bought.



Although there are plenty of new rewards cards to be won and bought there are only three new legend cards. There are many reasons to start accumulating these reward cards. As prices of them appear to potentially continue to fall due to large supply and the unfamiliarity of its use, it will benefit players who hold these cards long term.

The new legends apparently have also dragged down prices of many of the older legend reward cards.


With the potential of getting legendary reward card deals now better than in past weeks players who are looking to collect legendaries should keep an eye out for those cards currently on the market. You may never know what might be there that is potentially a great deal.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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