Venari Showdown: Which is the Best for Bronze Leagues?


I've been lucky enough to win all 5 of the Venari cards since the new reward cards have been released. Some are pretty amazing and some are meh. But which one is the best? Today we venture deep into the caverns and dungeons of The Splinterlands and learn about the Venari.

Like I say in all my posts...
All my reviews are for bronze league play and level 1 cards. They're also for players who have the starter deck, some new rewards, and maybe a few purchased cards.

I'm also a total noob when it comes to this game and my strategies might be killer or might suck. So if anyone has any better advice, I'd love to hear it in the comments. Now, let's get onto the Venari Tier List.


The New Reward Cards in Splinterlands

This month we finally got some new reward cards. Things were getting boring but finally, we had a chance to progress our bronze accounts. Not sure how many more cards we'll be able to collect in the future due to the recent "economy" changes and reward changes, but I'm still hoping for the best.

Splinterlands, Please don't fuck new players and low-spend players just to reduce bot use.

Anyways onto the cards.

5 of the new cards are from the Venari race. These rat-person hybrids remind me of Skaven from Warhammer if they were cute instead of an evil race of rat-people bent on world destruction.

S Tier Venari Card


Venari Crystalsmith is my choice for S Tier Venari. While probably a surprise to most players, she is a game-changer in Bronze. Adding this card to an all-sneak team will decimate almost every magic team that is found in Bronze. This card finally makes it safe and effective to field Life teams effectively in Bronze. Venari Crystalsmith is a game-changer for Life Splinter teams.

A Tier Venari Card


I know this might be controversial, but coming in as A tier we have Venari Wavesmith. While this is the most expensive card and most rate players would probably rate this card S tier, I find it can actually make the meta-magic team worse in a wide range of situations. If you come up against another meta-magic team, using this card is almost a guaranteed loss.

Still, Venari Wavesmith is a monster against almost any other composition and if you have the mana you should definitely play this card in bronze.

B Tier Venari Cards


We have Venari Bonesmith and Venari Seedsmith in the B tier. Both cards have real solid abilities and decent stats. Unfortunately, I haven't found a solid place in my lineups for either card. I rarely play earth so I need more experience with Seedsmith and Bonesmith could see some play in higher mana death teams I suppose.

But at this time I don't see much use for either in bronze teams unless I see a specific matchup coming that they could dominate. I'd love any suggestions that could help me add these cards to my teams.

D Tier Venari Cards


Bringing up the rear is the only common Venari card, Venari Heatsmith. Oh boy, he sure is common. For 3 mana you get no damage, 2 armor, and 2 health and void armor that protects you from magic damage.

Any water magic team will tear through that 2 armor in 1 turn. I never play fire against the water magic team and this card won't change that.

You could spend 1 mana more and get Cerebus who is one of the best tanks in the game. Maybe this card has some benefits at higher ranks, but it seems like trash to me for the bronze league.

Which Venari is your Favorite?

I am so glad that these cards were added to the game. I'm using 2 of them in almost every team I field. The other 3 cards are meh for me so far. Of course, I'm probably using them wrong or in the wrong matchups.

Which Venari cards are you using in Bronze League? Do you have a super-secret strategy you'd like to share and help out your fellow peasant out in bronze?


Thanks for Reading!

If you made it this far I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post. I hope it was informative and helps you make better teams in Splinterlands!

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