Splinterlands quest potion update! ROI: 517% after 14 days!

14 days ago I did purchase 100 potions quests for both my accounts! That was an investment of around $143. That is a bargain compared to the prices of today! Today this would have cost me around $1000 worth in DEC.

To calculate the extra income I only use the last 5 loot chests of the daily rewards!
If I do divide $143 by 115, the cost per day is $1.25. So after 14 days my investment is $17.5.
With the rewards of today's quest, the income side already has recorded $108. That's is a profit of $90 or a ROI of 517%.

It goes without saying that I am pretty happy with my investment. No doubt about it that in the next 100 days I will earn the remaining $35.
But the income is actually higher. So far no cards have been sold. The total value of the extra cards is $24.23.
This of course does add up for the SPS airdrop.

The rewards of the daily quest!




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