Splinterlands is hot at the moment! Can you still earn if you start now?

Well let's find out the question asked in the title of this post. I still had an alt account on Splinterlands. This account was empty just like when you purchase the spell book. So as a matter of fact this is the same situation as someone who would buy a spell book today and start playing the game.


As you can see in the image above the account has now cards at all.Let's see if we would be able to earn back the cost of a spell book which is $10.

Ways of earning!


There are several ways of earning when playing the Splinterlands game. The easiest and most straight forward way is to play the game. By playing games you do earn DEC. This DEC can be traded on Hive-Engine for Hive being a gateway to other crypto eventually resulting into back to fiat!


DEC has a value on the moment of $0.00711.

On average I do win 0.233 DEC per won game. Not a lot, but we do have to start somewhere!

Not only you do earn DEC, but after completing the daily quest you do get one reward chest in the beginning! When you do climb the league, you will go up and will get more chest as reward the complete the daily challenge!

Of course I did forget to take a screenshot of my first rewards for claiming the daily quest, but it was 30 DEC.


SPT can be earned by writing post about writing about splinterlands on Hive. When using the tag splinterlands, you can get upvotes in SPT. Holding SPT does give you an extra piece of the Pie of the SPS airdrop (The Splinterlands governance token). You can stake this SPT on Hive-Engine, or just sell it like you can sell DEC. The differences with DEC are that you don't get SPT immediately but only after 7 days of posting, secondly SPT can be directly used in the Splinterlands game.

SPT has at the moment a value of $0.00411.

But of course more tokens can be earned by posting on Hive. First of all Hive itself, which could become a gold mine. Splinterlands does get so much attention and this does drip down onto HIVE.

But you can also earn LEO (when posting about the finance in the game) and ProofOfBrain (using the POB tags). Believe this does all add up.

The start!

Well to be honest this isn't the story of a real beginner. The account (@fcb.spt) I will be using does already have some followers on Hive and the posts will be re-hived by my main account (@fullcoverbetting).

Frist thing to do is to try to get my account to a collection power of 1000 points, so that I am able to advance to Bronze II.

The account also has already some Hive staked!


So this will be my starting point!

Also I do have some knowledge about how to play the game. My main account does end each season in Diamond II, so I do have a head start compared with a real starter! Or at least I should. I will keep track of my progress and will post about this!

Feel free to join my in this challenge and see if you can beat me:



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