Venari Wavesmith the helper !


Why Venari Wavesmith?

Venari wavesmith was one of the card that is new to me. Since i'm not playing for around a month before, there is alot of new card that came out to the market. I was exciting little bit about playing with this card and what make me interest was this card ability. This card have ability to gain +2 armor to the friendly monster. This card is suitable for my play style because i use a lot of support with low health and shield.



Thankfully the prices was not too expensive so i can consider to buy it. I think for card this good it was very worth it. You can also rent this card for very cheap prices. It start from 1 DEC for level one card. If you want to rent level 4 or 5 card to the battle, it start from 5 DEC only. Very reasonable prices.

Stats and Ability


Level 1 to 4 Venari Wavesmith only have one ability, the ability was to gain +2 armor to all friendly monster. This ability was enough in my opinion to play around bronze league. To play in more advance league, maybe the second ability will help. Second ability Venari Wavesmith have was Dispel ability, Dispel ability make the enemy positive status that got hit by Venari Wavesmith gone.

Battle with Venari Wavesmith


In this battle, I have Kraken, Venari Wavesmith and three support with low health and shield. The Strategy was very simple. I use Kraken to tank all the damages for few round while all my support destroy the enemy one by one. This deck is very strong when we have kraken and +2 armor that Venari gave to all friendly monster. This ability make me very confident to win the battle since we have strong tank, and more shield to keep survive for the win.

Battle Link

You can check my battle using Venari Wavesmith Here

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