Album Art Contest Update - Extended Entry, Additional Prizes, Every Entry Wins

Album Art Contest Comic Book with ALL Entries

I have decided to include every entry in this contest in a comic book style flip art pamphlet that you would normally see at the front of a CD case for an album, but instead will be a pairing booklet (color printed). Although the physical vinyls and/or CDs will be limited, I will be printing MANY custom flashdrives with the album logo on them (or similar medium) that will have all the entries formatted onto them with the album audio itself, along with many of the physical books. Under each entry (art piece) in the pamphlet, I will include the Hive account link to each corresponding artist. This will not only promote Hive in general, but also EVERY artists' account and works, and provide indefinite promotion of your art through my new album & book, Power of Truth.

Entry from @sidekickmatt - Link

For the comic, also feel free to draw another part of the story that you feel out intuitively. It doesn't necessarily have to be a depiction of an elemental. Keeping a very open mind for this. I will also being writing dialouge to pair with each visual representation, telling the story of the trials and tribulations I was forced to endure through the entire process of manifesting this album. I have been walking through hellfire and the flames have intensified dramatically.

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Extra Prizes

The 1st place prize for this contest remains 500 Hive, but with additional sponsorship from @kennyskitchen / @kennysgaminglife & myself, he has added 500 HBSI shares, and I have added 500 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) to the prize pool! How those amounts will be distributed among all the entries is still being discussed, but know that every artist who submits a quality entry will receive a portion of these additional prizes in some fashion, in addition to the indefinite exposure/promotion your art gets through the album & book. I am also waiting to hear back from a couple other potential sponsors for even MORE prizes... I will update this section if/when that is a reality.

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Extended Entry Time

In order to do this comic book album art idea justice, I need to achieve a higher number of quality entries - currently there are only two (displayed in this publication), which is not near enough. Therefore, I am penciling in a loose contest conclusion date of September 20th (extended from the original Sept. 6th). If there are still not enough entries by then (a good 10-15 or more), I may be able to extend it one more week, but I would prefer not to. Our show in September getting canceled provided me with a little more time for album production, so I want to give this newly designed collaborative-style contest and all potential artists a good chance at being involved with something that I (we) intend to be legendary.

Entry from @pegarissimo - Link

#SelfOwnedSouls (our conscious artist collective), along with my album Power of Truth, places collaboration at the forefront of the creative process. We would be honored to have your talented spirits involved.


Splinterlands & OnChainArt


I would love to see more #onchainart and #splinterlands artists involved with this project-contest. This is also one of the reasons I have donated Splinterlands assets (DEC) as a part of the prize pool. I am giving everything I can to ensure artists like YOU will strongly consider participating. I have also reached out to a couple of my bigger Splinterlands friends in an effort to add possible packs or other #spt assets to the prize pool. I want to get you guys paid for the effort you put in, and attract artists across multiple hive communities for max collaboration/promotion. Symbiosis in full effect!

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Please feel free to cross-post, pin, blog-share, or #posh/regular share to any other platform. Any means of promotion for both this update, and the original contest post are greatly welcomed and appreciated. Let's really show the world how much talent Hive is packin'!... Through the Power of Truth.


Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.




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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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