How To Get DEC back on every card purchase?

Using Cardauctionz To Get Back DEC

So many of you may know the amazing streamer @marcuswahl, He a mainstay in the twitch community and host of the training grounds tourneys. However, do you know about his awesome site CardAuctionz. You definitely should by now because it has been gaining a lot of exposure lately and is a huge help to the community.

You get a 3.25% cashback reward on all of your card purchases. So for somebody like myself that is acquiring cards for my collection, it helps me get some sweet DEC as a kickback for buying them. Here I will show you how it works, how quick it is, and how much you can get back from it.


The Market

In the picture below this is what the market looks like. On the left, you can see the drop-down tab that sorts all the cards. You can sort by each edition, rarity, splinter, type(summoner/monster), or damage type(magic,ranged,melee). So if you are building up your ranged monsters from death or any other specific splinter/damage type you can sort them nicely and easily through this interface. After you have it sorted to what you're looking for you can start buying and getting some DEC back.

Checking out

Here you can see this is where you would add cards to the cart and get ready to check out. You can see how much USD per BCX it will be and how much USD it will actually cost. You can also see on the right how much DEC you will be getting back from the purchase as well. So for the top card, you would be spending 54.5$ to get back 165.95 DEC not a bad return at all, seeing as you would get nothing from the in-game market it only makes sense to take advantage of these savings on this incredible service.
Dec cashback.png

The Cart

So after you have added the cards you want to buy to the cart; you can see them in the top right in the bag icon, here you can see I have 3 cards in my cart. When I click on that bag it will bring up the cart and what is in it and how much I will be getting back in DEC as well. So you can see here I will be getting back 1.44 DEC for my purchase of 0.45. After you confirm it takes about 20-30 seconds but soon after your DEC will be deposited into your splinterlands account.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to @marcuswahl and @sicarius for creating such a useful and easy-to-use tool to save money on card purchases. All of it will add up over time and if you buy some gold foils or very high-level cards you can get back some serious DEC for it, you don't know what you're missing out on if you're not utilizing it. Also, there are lots more exciting updates he is planning including a rental system and a pack discount system lots of exciting stuff to look forward to.

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